Dog Days…

As hot as it’s been here in Richmond, I’d say the dog days of summer are upon us.  Of course, with Richmond weather, the dog days of summer last all.  summer.  long.  Hot, long, hazy days.  My dog, an aging Lab, hasn’t stopped panting now for three weeks.  I swear I can work up a sweat just thinking about them.

You know the saying…”if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  So, here, our tribute to the lovable namesakes of these endless, blistering summer days.  As Lance would say, “Woof!”

Dog Days Canvas Reproductions
Dog Days Canvas Reproductions

Dad’s Day

This is a last-minute post, because lately I’m a last-minute kind of gal.  June gets out of control so quickly, between birthdays and father’s day and the end of school and the onset of summer activities and camps and swim team and stinking hot weather.  Try as I might, I just can’t seem to get my act together for Father’s Day.  Which is upsetting, because I’m blessed with a wonderful dad, an amazing husband and fantastic father-in-law.

And so, this year, I’ve decided to give the gift of self.  Gift cards to purchase, for themselves, whatever they want without having to feel guilty.  For my husband, the gift of self  means a day of golf, uninterrupted USOpen coverage on the tube, and a cookout with his best friends — all of whom became dads simultaneously and all of whom have celebrated together ever since.

Think about it.  Dads give so much of themselves to their families…what better gift than to give a little bit of that back to them??