The Skinny On VOCs

With the green movement in full swing, we’ve been getting an earful about the (potentially harmful) chemicals that surround us on a daily basis.  Which begs the question…why NOT get back to nature?  And, more alarmingly, just what exactly have we been exposed to?

Even more disturbing, some of the chemicals ARE organic in nature — take VOCs, for instance.  The EPA defines VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as gasses emitted from components/ingredients of certain solids and liquids, including paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides and permanent markers.  The problem with VOCs is that concentrations of these gasses are consistently higher indoors than out (up to ten times higher).  ACK!  While research continues on the prolonged effects and overall health ramifications of these VOCs, the EPA suggests taking steps to reduce the levels in your home.  Adequate ventilation, limited exposure, following label instructions carefully, discarding partially full containers of old/unused chemicals, limiting exposure…these are among the steps recommended.

In addition, plenty of manufacturers are working to find ways to reduce the VOCs in their products, including, and most recognizably, paints.

Paint fumes are nasty, and care is recommended for women who are pregnant who might be exposed.  But it’s the fumes you don’t smell, even after the paint dries, that are just as worrisome.  Especially when you think about a child’s room.

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For more information on VOCs, please read An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality.