The Nursery Checklist: Changing Table Tutorial

Bonne Nuit French Versatile Dresser in Versailles FinishYou’re expecting (congratulations!) and, like all new parents, you have your checklist of baby/parenting necessities.  And it’s overwhelming, to say the least.  Let’s face it, there are about 743 different types of bottles and playards…well, don’t even get me started!

When I discovered I was expecting, my thoughts immediately turned to the nursery and I began to spend countless hours walking around in that room (a small feat, considering it was roughly the size of a walk-in closet) decorating it and arranging it in my mind.

Ultimately, I furnished it with all the standards, but…

To have it all, as they say, I had to sacrifice.  Storage.  Storage I needed far earlier than I originally anticipated.  I had a dresser and a changing table, but that left me with no room for a bookcase.  Which didn’t seem like a problem when my son was a newborn, but when he started to crawl and play, well, I then realized my mistake.

So what’s a parent of a small child, and small nursery, to do?

Changing Station in Natural BirchIf I knew then what I know now, I would have bought a lower dresser and added a changing tray to the top.  Plenty of companies sell these as accessories to their pieces; however, a changing pad and a basket or two work just as well.  Or something like this.  If I had done this, I would have had space for all of his toys and books in his room.  As it was, I ended up removing changing items from the bottom shelves of the changing table and using them as shelves for those items.  Which, in and of itself, turned out to be a clever storage solution (if I do say so myself).

My point is this.  While a changing “station” is indispensable — it provides a safe, convenient spot to change and bond with baby — you don’t need a changing table, specifically.  Think about your space and find ways to make the items you can’t do without multitask for you.  If you’re blessed to have the space for it all, then go for it — the whole kit and kaboodle.  For those of us who aren’t, now’s the time to show off your creativity.

Moms in the know, we want to hear your ideas, solutions and suggestions regarding changing tables.  Talk to us!

Movin’ on Up

…to a big kid bed.

Can you believe how quickly this contemplation comes to be?  One day you’re trying to get your little bundle to sleep through the night, and then the next you’re making a decision for where he/she will sleep until college.

Sigh.  They grow so fast.

So here we go…toddler bed, full bed, trundle bed, twin bed, poster bed, sleigh bed, day bed…the array of options is dizzying.  Dizzying, I tell you!

Tell you what, make it a little easier on yourself and find a retailer that offers a variety of options, at a variety of price points.  That way you can really get a feel for what’s available, and figure out what your (and the little one’s) needs truly are.

While a big bed, like a full or queen option, gives plenty of wiggle room for active sleepers, don’t be worried that a twin bed won’t leave enough sleep space…your child will adjust just fine.  My oldest has a trundle bed, which, if you think about it is great for once the rails come off…instant safety net!   Toddler beds can make the transition easier (the distance of a fall much smaller, or easily climbed into).  They’re also great for small spaces.  If you’re like our family, you move to a bigger room once you move out of the much smaller nursery.  Oeuf makes great trundle conversion kits for their cribs.  PoshTots carries a variety of other stylish toddler beds as well.
Crib to Toddler Bed, Toddler Bed to Crib

If you’re headed straight for big kid bed territory PoshTots offers so many.  Choosing one might be difficult!

We love to hear your ideas.  Share your transition tips!

Tutu Scary!

The other day I walked into a store to find a huge Halloween display.

Already.  And school hasn’t even started here.

Halloween Costumes and TutusMy children were thrilled, and entertained themselves while I browsed by setting off the talking skeleton and trying on and touching every. single. thing. on the display.

On the way home, and ever since, it’s all they talk about and plans are afoot for Halloween mayhem, even as I write this.  Costume deliberation has begun, in earnest.  And so I started brainstorming.

A tutu has always been my go-to for a girl, and PoshTots has always been my go-to spot (but of course!).  We’ve done the Ladybug and a chicken.  Yes, a chicken.  Seeing as my daughter is getting older now, I’m thinking that, as much as I’d love to see her in the Fluttergirl Tutu or the Hawaiian Hula or even the Genie Poof, I’m probably going to go for the Thankful Tutu (I just LOVE the idea of going as “Thankful” for Halloween – very clever) or the Chocolate and Pink and let her add her own groovy touches.   I can just see the pink/chocolate tutu with some killer boots and a jean jacket.  Her little princess days are over.  Sigh.

For more fabulous tutus, tiaras and every kind of poof imaginable, see all our  costumes & dress-up.

We love your stories.  Costume ideas anyone?  Please share!

A Miracle in Motion

Graceful in all things, Kim was in the midst of motherhood (a 3-year-old bundle of energy named Logan), pregnancy (twins!) and Miracles in Motion, a dance program she developed for children with disabilities.  A dance instructor, she was inspired to create Miracles in Motion by her son Logan, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Logan also has a heart condition that requires surgery. Although Kim’s dance card is always full, she handled her busy schedule, her child’s health needs, and preparing for twins all in stride.


Now imagine converting a cozy 10”x10” office into a nursery.  A challenge, but definitely doable.  Now imagine a nursery for twins in that small space – a true test.

Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.
Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.

After meeting Kim through Miracles in Motion and learning about Kim’s decorating dilemma, Andrea Edmunds, co-founder of, was inspired.  And she decided this was a challenge she and partner Pam O’Hallaron would love to tackle.  They were honored to help Kim and her family turn that tiny office into a twin nursery – now home to their family’s new additions – Gibson and Isabella.

Andrea and Pam set to work creating a sun drenched space that would feel spacious, not spare.  They brought the outdoors in through paint colors and the mural created by Angie, a PoshTots talented staffer.  The mural was inspired by Kim’s husband Johnny, who sang Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” to Logan as a baby.  Now those little birds hold watch over the tiny twins.  Crisp whites, butter yellows and more of the lovely green render the space unisex, but still decidedly “baby” and lighten the room, creating a warm, tranquil environment that this busy mom craved.

Lovely, no?

To see more of the transformation, view the album on Facebook.

Shades of Gray, And a Little Goop!

Apple and Moses' Boardwalk Bunk Bed from PoshTots
Boardwalk Bunk Bed
Gwyneth Paltrow is an A-list movie actor, mom extraordinaire and author of Goop, a lifestyle blog.  Annette Joseph is a designer from Atlanta who works as a designer and stylist for numerous TV shows and magazines.  Andrea Edmunds is founder and president of PoshTots.  Lauren Russell is the founder and creator of Russell & Mackenna, purveyor of fresh, beach-inspired, kid-approved furnishings.  So…what’s the connection here?

Well, Andrea got a call from Annette regarding a space she was designing for Gwyneth, who had hired Annette to create a contemporary, cozy space for her family while she was in Nashville filming her latest movie.  Annette wanted a purple bunk bed for Gwyneth and found exactly what she was looking for on PoshTots (“and we need it NOW”).  Andrea called Lauren (“we need a bed NOW”), Lauren called her team (“we need a bed NOW”), and two weeks later, Gwyneth’s children had a bed that Lauren delivered, Andrea had a new celebrity client, Annette had completed her mission, and Gwyneth had the retreat she craved.

And it all happened in less than two weeks.  Whew!

And here it is! Fabulous, no?

Follow the progress of the room here.

The Goods:  Russell & Mackenna Boardwalk Bunk Bed in Eggplant

More on Russell & Mackenna.

How do you feel about the gray?  We think it’s delicious, and the pop of the purple is just mouthwatering.  Thoughts???  Talk to us!