A Miracle in Motion

Graceful in all things, Kim was in the midst of motherhood (a 3-year-old bundle of energy named Logan), pregnancy (twins!) and Miracles in Motion, a dance program she developed for children with disabilities.  A dance instructor, she was inspired to create Miracles in Motion by her son Logan, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Logan also has a heart condition that requires surgery. Although Kim’s dance card is always full, she handled her busy schedule, her child’s health needs, and preparing for twins all in stride.


Now imagine converting a cozy 10”x10” office into a nursery.  A challenge, but definitely doable.  Now imagine a nursery for twins in that small space – a true test.

Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.
Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.

After meeting Kim through Miracles in Motion and learning about Kim’s decorating dilemma, Andrea Edmunds, co-founder of PoshTots.com, was inspired.  And she decided this was a challenge she and partner Pam O’Hallaron would love to tackle.  They were honored to help Kim and her family turn that tiny office into a twin nursery – now home to their family’s new additions – Gibson and Isabella.

Andrea and Pam set to work creating a sun drenched space that would feel spacious, not spare.  They brought the outdoors in through paint colors and the mural created by Angie, a PoshTots talented staffer.  The mural was inspired by Kim’s husband Johnny, who sang Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” to Logan as a baby.  Now those little birds hold watch over the tiny twins.  Crisp whites, butter yellows and more of the lovely green render the space unisex, but still decidedly “baby” and lighten the room, creating a warm, tranquil environment that this busy mom craved.

Lovely, no?

To see more of the transformation, view the album on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words Cristin. This nursery project was great- we love the family and it was an honor to help them prepare for their twins. Since they’re local, we were able to help them every step of the way. We assembled the cribs, installed the window treatments, painted the mural, everything. :>) BTW – Love your blog!

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