Movin’ on Up

…to a big kid bed.

Can you believe how quickly this contemplation comes to be?  One day you’re trying to get your little bundle to sleep through the night, and then the next you’re making a decision for where he/she will sleep until college.

Sigh.  They grow so fast.

So here we go…toddler bed, full bed, trundle bed, twin bed, poster bed, sleigh bed, day bed…the array of options is dizzying.  Dizzying, I tell you!

Tell you what, make it a little easier on yourself and find a retailer that offers a variety of options, at a variety of price points.  That way you can really get a feel for what’s available, and figure out what your (and the little one’s) needs truly are.

While a big bed, like a full or queen option, gives plenty of wiggle room for active sleepers, don’t be worried that a twin bed won’t leave enough sleep space…your child will adjust just fine.  My oldest has a trundle bed, which, if you think about it is great for once the rails come off…instant safety net!   Toddler beds can make the transition easier (the distance of a fall much smaller, or easily climbed into).  They’re also great for small spaces.  If you’re like our family, you move to a bigger room once you move out of the much smaller nursery.  Oeuf makes great trundle conversion kits for their cribs.  PoshTots carries a variety of other stylish toddler beds as well.
Crib to Toddler Bed, Toddler Bed to Crib

If you’re headed straight for big kid bed territory PoshTots offers so many.  Choosing one might be difficult!

We love to hear your ideas.  Share your transition tips!

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