Shades of Gray, And a Little Goop!

Apple and Moses' Boardwalk Bunk Bed from PoshTots
Boardwalk Bunk Bed
Gwyneth Paltrow is an A-list movie actor, mom extraordinaire and author of Goop, a lifestyle blog.  Annette Joseph is a designer from Atlanta who works as a designer and stylist for numerous TV shows and magazines.  Andrea Edmunds is founder and president of PoshTots.  Lauren Russell is the founder and creator of Russell & Mackenna, purveyor of fresh, beach-inspired, kid-approved furnishings.  So…what’s the connection here?

Well, Andrea got a call from Annette regarding a space she was designing for Gwyneth, who had hired Annette to create a contemporary, cozy space for her family while she was in Nashville filming her latest movie.  Annette wanted a purple bunk bed for Gwyneth and found exactly what she was looking for on PoshTots (“and we need it NOW”).  Andrea called Lauren (“we need a bed NOW”), Lauren called her team (“we need a bed NOW”), and two weeks later, Gwyneth’s children had a bed that Lauren delivered, Andrea had a new celebrity client, Annette had completed her mission, and Gwyneth had the retreat she craved.

And it all happened in less than two weeks.  Whew!

And here it is! Fabulous, no?

Follow the progress of the room here.

The Goods:  Russell & Mackenna Boardwalk Bunk Bed in Eggplant

More on Russell & Mackenna.

How do you feel about the gray?  We think it’s delicious, and the pop of the purple is just mouthwatering.  Thoughts???  Talk to us!

One thought on “Shades of Gray, And a Little Goop!”

  1. Can I get a bunk bed NOW? oh wait…I already have a fabulous bed from PoshTots from, oh, 8 years ago! I’ve been a “client” of Poshtots waaaay before Gwyneth. ;P

    I love Gwyneth and her understated, glamorous style! I love PoshTots more!

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