The Nursery Checklist: Changing Table Tutorial

Bonne Nuit French Versatile Dresser in Versailles FinishYou’re expecting (congratulations!) and, like all new parents, you have your checklist of baby/parenting necessities.  And it’s overwhelming, to say the least.  Let’s face it, there are about 743 different types of bottles and playards…well, don’t even get me started!

When I discovered I was expecting, my thoughts immediately turned to the nursery and I began to spend countless hours walking around in that room (a small feat, considering it was roughly the size of a walk-in closet) decorating it and arranging it in my mind.

Ultimately, I furnished it with all the standards, but…

To have it all, as they say, I had to sacrifice.  Storage.  Storage I needed far earlier than I originally anticipated.  I had a dresser and a changing table, but that left me with no room for a bookcase.  Which didn’t seem like a problem when my son was a newborn, but when he started to crawl and play, well, I then realized my mistake.

So what’s a parent of a small child, and small nursery, to do?

Changing Station in Natural BirchIf I knew then what I know now, I would have bought a lower dresser and added a changing tray to the top.  Plenty of companies sell these as accessories to their pieces; however, a changing pad and a basket or two work just as well.  Or something like this.  If I had done this, I would have had space for all of his toys and books in his room.  As it was, I ended up removing changing items from the bottom shelves of the changing table and using them as shelves for those items.  Which, in and of itself, turned out to be a clever storage solution (if I do say so myself).

My point is this.  While a changing “station” is indispensable — it provides a safe, convenient spot to change and bond with baby — you don’t need a changing table, specifically.  Think about your space and find ways to make the items you can’t do without multitask for you.  If you’re blessed to have the space for it all, then go for it — the whole kit and kaboodle.  For those of us who aren’t, now’s the time to show off your creativity.

Moms in the know, we want to hear your ideas, solutions and suggestions regarding changing tables.  Talk to us!

2 thoughts on “The Nursery Checklist: Changing Table Tutorial”

  1. Hi!

    Just saw this post. Check out the new
    Round changing table.
    If you go to
    And click on our FB fan page
    For photos . Would love your feedback.


    Paige Burton
    Time For A Change

  2. Paige – What a wild coincidence. Just the other day we saw that the Guncles have a round changing table for sweet little Stella. We love them! (And we {heart} Bill and Scout – so happy for them!)

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