Tutu Scary!

The other day I walked into a store to find a huge Halloween display.

Already.  And school hasn’t even started here.

Halloween Costumes and TutusMy children were thrilled, and entertained themselves while I browsed by setting off the talking skeleton and trying on and touching every. single. thing. on the display.

On the way home, and ever since, it’s all they talk about and plans are afoot for Halloween mayhem, even as I write this.  Costume deliberation has begun, in earnest.  And so I started brainstorming.

A tutu has always been my go-to for a girl, and PoshTots has always been my go-to spot (but of course!).  We’ve done the Ladybug and a chicken.  Yes, a chicken.  Seeing as my daughter is getting older now, I’m thinking that, as much as I’d love to see her in the Fluttergirl Tutu or the Hawaiian Hula or even the Genie Poof, I’m probably going to go for the Thankful Tutu (I just LOVE the idea of going as “Thankful” for Halloween – very clever) or the Chocolate and Pink and let her add her own groovy touches.   I can just see the pink/chocolate tutu with some killer boots and a jean jacket.  Her little princess days are over.  Sigh.

For more fabulous tutus, tiaras and every kind of poof imaginable, see all our  costumes & dress-up.

We love your stories.  Costume ideas anyone?  Please share!

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