Inspiration by Color

Inspiration by ColorFall is upon us, although you wouldn’t know it by the 90 degree plus temps here in Virginia.  Nevertheless, it’s my favorite season  — crisp, cool temps and warm, rich colors.  Influenced by the pumpkins and the leaves, my decorating “likes” this time of year always tend to gravitate toward earthy combinations — neutral combos of warm custards, burnt browns and caramels, set off by pops of gold, turquoise, cream and celadon.

If you’re color shy, opt for a quick pop of unexpected color with a fantastic accent piece, like this or even  this.   Yum.  Feeling more adventurous?  Go for broke and spin the color wheel.  Just remember to keep the background grounded in a neutral.  After all, life is in the details!

Love it?  Hate it?  Thoughts?  Comments?  Do share!

Urban Country

I know, doesn’t that sound fascinating?  I mean, what exactly IS urban country style?

So I asked Nancy Gent.  Because she wrote the book on it.  And I love, love, love the idea of it.

Urban Country StyleNo, seriously, she did.  It’s called Urban Country Style.  And it’s fabulous, funky and family friendly.

She grew up a creative and enterprising kid, starting her own hopscotch bean bag business when she was in the first grade.  She sold her designs at recess for $1 to other little girls, like herself, who were frustrated with the disc the school provided for throwing on hopscotch squares (if you’re at all familiar with, or have ever played, hopscotch then you know what I’m talking about).  The discs were like hockey pucks and kept rolling off, so she developed custom bean bags that would toss easily and stay put.

Her creativity continued through high school, where she was voted “Biggest Trendsetter.”  Then she graduated and entered the real world.  And, like many of us, let her fears smother her creativity in favor of the business world.

Nancy says the day she had her son, she looked at him and right then realized that if she was going to be a good mom to him, she needed to live life and not hold back.  So that’s what she did.

She poured herself into a home renovation, which led to a newspaper story, which led to a feature in Better Homes & Gardens, which led to co-authoring a book about her style — beachy, organic, country-but-not-cutesy.  One thing led to another and she soon found herself styling other homes, and turning to designing her own pieces to achieve the looks she craved, using traditional outdoor materials inside.

And now her line is available at PoshTots.  Check out the Pipeline Pipe Frame Bed or the Teddy Organizer with Removable Buckets.   Perfect for both the soaring loft and the quaint log cabin.

Be sure to check out her site at

The Nursery Checklist: Rockin’ Out

The nursery checklist continues.  This week, let’s talk about seating.

The Nursery Checklist: GlidersAs an expectant mother, I turned to a rocking chair I had acquired from my paternal grandmother’s house after her death.  We used it in our guest room, and when the time came to decorate the nursery, there was no question as to the location of its new home.  It wasn’t especially beautiful — in truth, there was nothing at all remarkable about it.  I have no earthly idea where the chair lived at her house, so it wasn’t that it was especially nostalgic either.  But it was the right size, in great condition and, to me anyway, it was a way to envelope my new little one in the arms of family — and a way to somehow share this experience with my beloved grandparents.

Now that I’m not using it any longer — my third child long ago outgrowing the need for a rocker — it waits in the attic.  For what, I’m not entirely certain.  Time will tell.

But I can’t get rid of it.  It’s where I spent countless hours, snuggling, cuddling, comforting, nursing.  My fondest memories of my children as babies fill the seat of that rocker.  It’s overflowing with all the special moments my husband and I shared with them.  Nights spent awake, feeling like we were the only two people in the world as we rocked and snuggled in the quiet house…

And that’s why you need a rocker.  Or a glider.  Much like a crib, it is one of the main necessities of any nursery.  It’s not a frivolous addition, it’s not a space sucker-upper, it’s a place where you will bond with your child, reading, playing, snuggling, and occasionally even sleeping.

Check out our collection of gliders.  Beautiful upholstery, quality craftsmanship and every attention to detail and comfort will ensure you have a very special place for taking care of your precious baby, and for creating your own precious memories.

Share your memories with us!  We’d love to hear from you.

Bermuda Babies

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Just ask PoshTots design consultant extraordinaire, Lucy Roberts.

Greetings from BermudaLucky Lucy just returned from a well-deserved vacation in Bermuda (jealous).  Lucy, a preppy kind of gal (think pink madras and Bermuda bags), felt right at home amongst the colorful coastal cottages splashed with shades of pink, coral, turquoise, lime.  Bright, beautiful, beachy, happy colors.  The kind of colors that would be perfect for a child’s space.

Inspiration that Lucy is happy to share in one-on-one consultations with her customers.

Lucy and Mags – not in Bermuda
Lucy and her dog Mags
Lucy says, “I enjoy getting to know my customers during the exciting time of nursery planning.  I want them to feel like they know exactly what they are getting even though they are not walking into a store and touching/feeling the products.  I prefer to send samples before they decide on a custom order so that they have a little piece of what’s coming!  I never want my customers to feel rushed into making a purchase and to take as long as they need to make a purchase that they feel good about.  And I love the creative process and being able to make suggestions based on my experiences helping other moms decorate their children’s rooms.”

Lucy’s just one of a talented crew of design consultants on staff.  Need some design inspiration?  She’s always happy to share!  1-866-POSHTOT