Nursery Checklist: Bedding

Onward and upward with our  nursery checklist.  This week, it’s on to bedding.  New parents, I’m talking to you!

Mirabelle Baby Bedding
Formal & Fantastic

Crib bedding usually sets the tone for the entire nursery. Think about it, if it’s formal and fantastic, then the rest of the nursery reflect that same aesthetic.  Bedding with a contemporary feel might dictate furniture with clean lines.  Roses dictate pinks and greens, sailboats dictate blues and reds, and on and on.  You get the picture.

Braylon Baby Bedding
or Contemporary

Most crib bedding sets consist of a bumper, skirt and crib sheet.  These are the basics, and they’re all you really need.  However, some bedding also offers coordinating accessories such as diaper stackers or even changing pad covers to match.  What you decide to utilize in your own nursery is your own decision.  You don’t HAVE to have the matching accessories.  They are not one of our fabulous baby basics.  But they can be fabulous…

Keep in mind, too, that bedding gets…well, let’s just say it gets “loved.”  Spit up, drool, and even uglier accidents somehow always make their way onto the crib bumper.  When your little one is pulling up, it’s a great stool and will literally get trampled to death.  Can you throw the bumper in the laundry, or does it need to be dry cleaned?  Your selection should also reflect your required convenience level.

Need some inspiration?  Check out PoshTots’ extensive collection of crib bedding for your little bundle.  We’ll send you well on your way to the perfect nursery!

Tween a Rock and a Hard Place

Raise your hand if you’re the proud parent of a tween.  You know, a kid between the ages of say, 8 and 12?  Not quite a teenager, but not a little kid anymore.  At that age where they’re copping major attitude, but still playing with Barbies and Hot Wheels.  Wanting you to stop babying them by reminding them to do things like bathe, yet consistently forgetting to do so.

Yup, I’d say this expression sums it up quite nicely, thank you.

Can you have the best of both worlds?  Can you let them be big, while keeping them little — even for just a little bit longer?

Guess what?  We’re parents of tweens.  You could say PoshTots is a tween itself.  The company that was born with our children has grown up with them.  As a result, we’ve carefully and painstakingly been collecting the best tween bedding, furniture, rugs and decor we can find, all in the hopes of finding that magical balance for our company, as well as in our own lives.   We think we’ve succeeded with the site; we’ll let you know how we fare on the home front.  Wish us luck!

What’s the Story?

Every well decorated room tells a story.  A story about its inhabitants, their likes and dislikes, their moods, even their lifestyle.  Comfy and family-friendly, or formal and precious?  A room that’s truly well designed lets you know its story immediately.

I think the same is true for kids’ rooms.  And with kids’ rooms, the story develops further.  A child’s room can tell a story about the child who slumbers and plays within, or it can create a story for that child.

Themes for Kids Rooms

When I moved my oldest from the nursery to his big-boy room, I chose a theme of vintage cowboys.   The theme reflected my tastes, yet, to me anyway, spoke of who I thought he was and who I hoped he would be…a rough and tumble, “all boy” boy.  It wasn’t busy, it wasn’t fussy and I worked hard to keep it that way, utilizing key pieces  — a wall hanging, an antique cowboy lamp, a couple of rusty horseshoes, and valances and a pillow sham I made from vintage cowboy fabric and edged in suede fringe.  The walls were brown, the furniture was cream, and it was dotted with reds and blues.  I thought it was fabulous.

But that fabulosity went awry very quickly.  As it turns out, you absolutely CAN have too much of a good thing.  I found that when I got carried away with the cowboys in my story, that it became very limiting.  And suddenly, cowboys were running wild throughout the house.

Through my own experience, I learned the key lesson in creating a themed space for your child — the importance of editing.  If you have a theme that you love, go for it.  But don’t go overboard.  Why?  Two reasons.

1) You end up limiting your decor options as your child grows and develops.   In a room overpopulated by cowboys, there’s no place for a race car driver.  Population control, as it were, is key.

2) Your child’s tastes grow and change (see #1).  This is called story development.  And when it does, you’re left with a bazillion cowboy prints, trinkets, sheets, etc. that he’s suddenly outgrown too.  And then you have to start all over.  If you maintain editorial control, you’ll find it easy and liberating to substitute the occasional cowboy artifact, or add to that artifact so that your child’s story continues to develop with your child. has a theme for every child, and every child’s story.

Editorial comments?  Suggestions?  Did you overdevelop your child’s story too?  Share!

A New Season of Petunias

Petunia Pickle BottomPickle Bottom, that is.  Petunia Pickle Bottom has launched it’s Fall 2010 collection and it’s (as usual) delicious.  I’ve been a fan of theirs since my wee ones were still wee.  The hands-free backpack bags are ingenious, especially when you have other tots in tow.  And I dig the Touring Totes for their non-diaper-bag look.  After 8 years of diaper bags, I was ready for something with a more sophisticated vibe.

Fall’s fabrics are yummy, with a nod to goldenrod, gray and brown.  Many of the patterns have a vintage feel to me, and that I like.  My favorite is the Heirloom.  Delicious!  And these little guys truly render you “hands-free.”

Check out the latest collection, available on PoshTots.

What’s your favorite?

Wall Wow

Throughout our 10-year career, PoshTots has had the good fortune to meet, and work with, super talented people.  The artisans with whom we work are truly artists, and those relationships are the lifeblood of our little children’s furnishings website.

One of our favorites (and she’s our neighbor!) is Sunny Goode, of Sunny’s Goodtime Paints.  Even though she’s the queen of faux finishes, she’s the real deal.  Sigh.  She makes it look…so easy.  And so fabulous!  From her glazes to her stencils to her wall monograms, she’s mastered the art of making faux look trendy and fun, not dated and “trying-too-hard.”

Sunny's Goodtime Paints

Sunny’s Simple “How To Stencil”

  1. Tape the stencil on with blue painter’s tape to keep it in place.
  2. Lightly dip your sponge into the glaze and then tap directly on top of the stencil
  3. For larger stencils, space the stencils about 2″ (5cm) apart. For smaller stencils, a good rule of thumb is to space stencils from fingertip to elbow or about 12″ apart.
  4. Remove the stencil and repeat until you have finished the entire room.

Have you ever used stencils? Share your results! If you’re looking for Sunny’s products, PoshTots has her wall finishes and stencils, both of which we’ve used in photo shoots and highly recommend.

Flashback Friday

Flashback FridayStill in the throes of trying to redecorate my daughter’s room.  I feel like I’ve been planning this for ages.  Truthfully, I have, but I just haven’t had the chance to get it done.  I blame it on my daughter — I had BIG plans for a total room redo this summer while she was visiting her grandparents for a week.  It was SUPPOSED to be a birthday surprise.  But, alas, it was not to be.  I misjudged my daughter, because she got so homesick she had to come home early.  So, instead of a week, we had a mere 20 hours.  Yes.  No, she didn’t even make it a whole day.

So now that she’s away all day at school and the weather is getting chilly, I’m getting the itch again.  I was trolling the PoshTots website and I came across the Modern Hearts Hand Painted Canvas

And suddenly I was 11, sitting in my friend Cheryl’s room, with a rainbow mural painted on the wall, furry throw pillows and red satin bedspreads.  Because that’s what they were in the 80’s…bedspreads — not duvets, not coverlets, not comforters.  I was wearing a rainbow-striped tee shirt with ruffle sleeves, pink corduroy OP shorts, and jelly shoes.  My hair was in barrettes painted with my name.  With pink heart earrings that look exactly like the hearts in this wall art.  EXACTLY.  Oh my.  Happy times.  Trying on lip gloss and her sister’s blue eyeshadow.  Trying to figure out locker combinations and how we were going to remember where our classes were while we hummed along to Duran Duran.

Such vivid, happy memories conjured by a little print.  Tempted to buy this for her room, in hopes that I can somehow influence her own happy childhood with the memories of mine…

Festivals, Foliage, Fun

© Photos by DashOutside of summer vacation or spring break, is there a better time of the year to spend with the fam?  I mean, seriously, between the pumpkin patches and apple orchards and hay rides…not to mention perfect weather for exploring history, or even spending the day at an amusement park.  We heart fall family fun!

The fact that Halloween is thrown into the mix is nothing but a sweet bonus.  After the craziness of back-to-school, I’m ready for a break in the weather and a break in routine.  I’m setting off with my chickens in search of fall fun. and are great resources for finding fall festivals and happenings around the country.  Prepared to be scared?  Check out ghost walks, like this one.  A quick trip onto Google will net you a slew of family-oriented activities and getaways.

Have an idea for family time?  Or a fall getaway?  Do share!

Asher, My Love

Asher, My LoveNow that the kids are back to school, I am in a decorating frenzy.  I do this every year…start making a list of the little tweaks I’m going to make to my house once I have a few hours to myself each day.  Very likely the result of having been home all summer with them.  Which I love, of course, but this place is driving me CRAZY now.  And with winter coming up…I need to not hate my house if I’m going to be trapped inside for months on end.

#7 on the list is my youngest son’s room.  I know, I should start with #1, but I’m not really very organized and I tend to fixate on certain things.  His room is yellow and cream stripes, which made a perfectly lovely nursery, but he’s about to turn 5 and it’s just not doing it for me anymore.  I’ve had brown on the brain (seriously, I’d paint my house interior brown if my husband would let me) and it’s a small room, so the intense color would be delicious.  And I’ve used robin-egg blues and reds as accents.  So if I combine all that…WHAMO.  Asher, how I love thee!  Simple yet decadent, subtle yet bold, all at once.  #7 on the list just moved to #1.

Hubby, where are you??  I need you…