Asher, My Love

Asher, My LoveNow that the kids are back to school, I am in a decorating frenzy.  I do this every year…start making a list of the little tweaks I’m going to make to my house once I have a few hours to myself each day.  Very likely the result of having been home all summer with them.  Which I love, of course, but this place is driving me CRAZY now.  And with winter coming up…I need to not hate my house if I’m going to be trapped inside for months on end.

#7 on the list is my youngest son’s room.  I know, I should start with #1, but I’m not really very organized and I tend to fixate on certain things.  His room is yellow and cream stripes, which made a perfectly lovely nursery, but he’s about to turn 5 and it’s just not doing it for me anymore.  I’ve had brown on the brain (seriously, I’d paint my house interior brown if my husband would let me) and it’s a small room, so the intense color would be delicious.  And I’ve used robin-egg blues and reds as accents.  So if I combine all that…WHAMO.  Asher, how I love thee!  Simple yet decadent, subtle yet bold, all at once.  #7 on the list just moved to #1.

Hubby, where are you??  I need you…

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