Flashback Friday

Flashback FridayStill in the throes of trying to redecorate my daughter’s room.  I feel like I’ve been planning this for ages.  Truthfully, I have, but I just haven’t had the chance to get it done.  I blame it on my daughter — I had BIG plans for a total room redo this summer while she was visiting her grandparents for a week.  It was SUPPOSED to be a birthday surprise.  But, alas, it was not to be.  I misjudged my daughter, because she got so homesick she had to come home early.  So, instead of a week, we had a mere 20 hours.  Yes.  No, she didn’t even make it a whole day.

So now that she’s away all day at school and the weather is getting chilly, I’m getting the itch again.  I was trolling the PoshTots website and I came across the Modern Hearts Hand Painted Canvas

And suddenly I was 11, sitting in my friend Cheryl’s room, with a rainbow mural painted on the wall, furry throw pillows and red satin bedspreads.  Because that’s what they were in the 80’s…bedspreads — not duvets, not coverlets, not comforters.  I was wearing a rainbow-striped tee shirt with ruffle sleeves, pink corduroy OP shorts, and jelly shoes.  My hair was in barrettes painted with my name.  With pink heart earrings that look exactly like the hearts in this wall art.  EXACTLY.  Oh my.  Happy times.  Trying on lip gloss and her sister’s blue eyeshadow.  Trying to figure out locker combinations and how we were going to remember where our classes were while we hummed along to Duran Duran.

Such vivid, happy memories conjured by a little print.  Tempted to buy this for her room, in hopes that I can somehow influence her own happy childhood with the memories of mine…

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