Nursery Checklist: Bedding

Onward and upward with our  nursery checklist.  This week, it’s on to bedding.  New parents, I’m talking to you!

Mirabelle Baby Bedding
Formal & Fantastic

Crib bedding usually sets the tone for the entire nursery. Think about it, if it’s formal and fantastic, then the rest of the nursery reflect that same aesthetic.  Bedding with a contemporary feel might dictate furniture with clean lines.  Roses dictate pinks and greens, sailboats dictate blues and reds, and on and on.  You get the picture.

Braylon Baby Bedding
or Contemporary

Most crib bedding sets consist of a bumper, skirt and crib sheet.  These are the basics, and they’re all you really need.  However, some bedding also offers coordinating accessories such as diaper stackers or even changing pad covers to match.  What you decide to utilize in your own nursery is your own decision.  You don’t HAVE to have the matching accessories.  They are not one of our fabulous baby basics.  But they can be fabulous…

Keep in mind, too, that bedding gets…well, let’s just say it gets “loved.”  Spit up, drool, and even uglier accidents somehow always make their way onto the crib bumper.  When your little one is pulling up, it’s a great stool and will literally get trampled to death.  Can you throw the bumper in the laundry, or does it need to be dry cleaned?  Your selection should also reflect your required convenience level.

Need some inspiration?  Check out PoshTots’ extensive collection of crib bedding for your little bundle.  We’ll send you well on your way to the perfect nursery!

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