Tween a Rock and a Hard Place

Raise your hand if you’re the proud parent of a tween.  You know, a kid between the ages of say, 8 and 12?  Not quite a teenager, but not a little kid anymore.  At that age where they’re copping major attitude, but still playing with Barbies and Hot Wheels.  Wanting you to stop babying them by reminding them to do things like bathe, yet consistently forgetting to do so.

Yup, I’d say this expression sums it up quite nicely, thank you.

Can you have the best of both worlds?  Can you let them be big, while keeping them little — even for just a little bit longer?

Guess what?  We’re parents of tweens.  You could say PoshTots is a tween itself.  The company that was born with our children has grown up with them.  As a result, we’ve carefully and painstakingly been collecting the best tween bedding, furniture, rugs and decor we can find, all in the hopes of finding that magical balance for our company, as well as in our own lives.   We think we’ve succeeded with the site; we’ll let you know how we fare on the home front.  Wish us luck!

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