Deck the Walls…

…with stickers and decals.

Wait, stickers?  What?!?!

I know!  The word that once brought terror into the hearts of moms everywhere (you put stickers on the walls?  ON THE WALLS?) now isn’t such a bad thing.  And I never thought I’d say that.  Until now.

World Map Wall Sticker

Because THESE stickers are right up my alley.  For several reasons.  1) They’re super cute.  2) They’re non-committal (which appeals to my indecisive nature immensely).  3) They’re totally reasonable.  As in, price.  4) They’re non-headache inducing (hanging wallpaper is HARD).

Suitcases Wall Sticker

I’m loving the world map for my older son’s room.  It has a good tween vibe that will grow with him.  For the playroom, the suitcases will be perfect for a little reading corner…”oh, the places you’ll go!”  The butterflies dancing up the wall of my daughter’s bedroom will add just the right amount of femininity, without being over- the-top.  I just might do every room of the house.  And then do them over again!

Fa la la!

Babes in Toyland

'Tis the Season for ToysI heard Christmas music at Target today.  Now, I love Christmas music and adore listening to it while I shop, but it’s not even Thanksgiving.  And so I didn’t feel that warm, fuzzy feeling the holidays seem to give.  All I felt was…a sick-to-my-stomach kind of feeling.  And then panic.

I’m not ready for this!  I just finally returned all the back-to-school forms back to school.  I still have jack-o-lanterns on the front porch. I don’t even have winter coats for the kids yet.  Or boots or mittens.  I just mailed the thank you notes for my daughter’s birthday.  In June.  This. can’t. be. happening.

But it’s OK.  This year, I’m doing all my shopping online (at PoshTots, of course).  I know, I say that every year, but this year I mean it.  That way I can just have everything shipped to my parents’ house and no Santa surprises will be spoiled.

My daughter wants a dollhouse and a new desk.  Check (come to think of it, I want that desk!).  My older son wants bunk beds.  Check.  My youngest son, the budding scientist, is getting a molecule building set and the pedal race car.  Haha, what do you know?

The panic is gone.  Well, some of it.  I still have lots to do, but for once I feel like I’m actually ahead of the game.  I still have my parents, in-laws, etc. but for them I’ll take a peek at PoshLiving.  It’s going to be a great holiday!!!

PoshTots in Wonderland

Jen Schefft
Courtesy of Jason Kempin/FilmMagic
Alice in Wonderland.  A classic story that’s endured through the ages, and has inspired many a child’s space.  Including one of our favorite customers, Jen Schefft.  You once knew her as the Bachelorette, now she’s known as Mae’s mom.  How wonderful is that!

Step inside Jen’s nursery for a peek at her interpretation of Alice’s Wonderland.  We love her take on the children’s story, and the classic (instead of cute) elements she’s incorporated into the room.  Mae’s nursery manages to feel whimsical and sophisticated, all at once.  Just lovely!

Like this look?  Jen bought her nursery furniture at PoshTots, and you can too.  Click here for the full scoop.

A penny for your thoughts!  We love your feedback.

The Nest, Redefined

OK, we’re so in love with the browns and golds and greens that are making their way into kids’ rooms these days.  Nature-inspired decor is our latest obsession.  If we had nurseries to decorate, or if our children were younger, their rooms would feature forests and woodland creatures.  It’s a more contemporary look than what we did for our children’s nurseries…yet it also has that vintage childhood feeling that we just adore.

Dotty Wallpaper

That said, our latest lust is this vintage-y nature-inspired oh-so-adorable wallpaper.  It’s bright, airy and playful, yet not too juvenile. Also loving these Tree Top Owls and this Alphabet Tree.   Finish off the look with this clever damask rug (look closely, those are woodland creatures) and you have the perfectly feathered nest for your little night owl.

Nest in the Nursery with Owls

Are you partial to woodland creatures?  We love to see our readers’ designs.  Please share!

Simplified Inspiration

Here at PoshTots, we toss around the word “inspire” a lot.  Inspire is the buzz word that leads to nearly continuous conversations about finding it.  We strive to feel inspired, and in our business, that’s a good thing for our customers.

Baby Girl Nursery
Courtesy of Simplified Bee

So, it’s always refreshing to share it.  Heck, we devoted an entire site to it, and produce a yearly catalogue for that exact purpose!  (Want to see our catalogue? We’re happy to send you a copy free.) Lately, we’re feeling inspired by this blog:  Simplified Bee.  Cristin, the blog’s author, is a designer and mother, and she shares her love of design and her design know-how on the pages of her blog.  Her pages devoted to boy nurseries, girl nurseries and unisex nurseries are over-the-top scrumptious, perfectly posh and very, very inspired.

Baby Boy Nursey
Courtesy of Simplified Bee

She shares her resources and design tips for children’s and babies’ rooms here, when she guest-authored another blog, and they’re worth checking out.  Scroll down the page and check out her resource for lighting.  LOVE it!

It seems we have a mutual admiration, and a mutual inspiration.

Grab a Seat!

The comfier, the better.  It’s never been a better time to think about a glider for your nursery.


Well, for one thing, PoshTots’ gliders are like a little slice of heaven in the nursery.  And believe me, that’s SO important when you’re an exhausted parent, trying to get an even more exhausted baby to sleep/stop crying/eat.

Elephants on Parade Designer Room

A soft, cushy seat; glider mechanism for a smooth back-and-forth motion; matching ottomans (that can glide too, if that’s what you want).  After a long day, or in the middle of the night…well, those are the times that you really do appreciate the little things.

But the world of gliders can be overwhelming.  Have you SEEN PoshTots’ selection?  Bananas!  Where do you begin?  So many glider styles, not to mention fabrics!

And here’s where we differ from many other retailers…we can help you customize a look that’s the perfect fit for you and your nursery.  Our very talented design consultants are always on hand and happy to help you put together a look you’ll love.  Have a fabric on hand that you love?  We can use the customer’s fabric to create a custom confection sure to please.  Don’t stop at the glider!  They can do it all — the whole kit and kaboodle.

Customize your own creation with a favorite fabric

To top it all off, select gliders are now on sale at PoshTots.  But hurry, the sale ends November 17th.