Deck the Walls…

…with stickers and decals.

Wait, stickers?  What?!?!

I know!  The word that once brought terror into the hearts of moms everywhere (you put stickers on the walls?  ON THE WALLS?) now isn’t such a bad thing.  And I never thought I’d say that.  Until now.

World Map Wall Sticker

Because THESE stickers are right up my alley.  For several reasons.  1) They’re super cute.  2) They’re non-committal (which appeals to my indecisive nature immensely).  3) They’re totally reasonable.  As in, price.  4) They’re non-headache inducing (hanging wallpaper is HARD).

Suitcases Wall Sticker

I’m loving the world map for my older son’s room.  It has a good tween vibe that will grow with him.  For the playroom, the suitcases will be perfect for a little reading corner…”oh, the places you’ll go!”  The butterflies dancing up the wall of my daughter’s bedroom will add just the right amount of femininity, without being over- the-top.  I just might do every room of the house.  And then do them over again!

Fa la la!

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