Grab a Seat!

The comfier, the better.  It’s never been a better time to think about a glider for your nursery.


Well, for one thing, PoshTots’ gliders are like a little slice of heaven in the nursery.  And believe me, that’s SO important when you’re an exhausted parent, trying to get an even more exhausted baby to sleep/stop crying/eat.

Elephants on Parade Designer Room

A soft, cushy seat; glider mechanism for a smooth back-and-forth motion; matching ottomans (that can glide too, if that’s what you want).  After a long day, or in the middle of the night…well, those are the times that you really do appreciate the little things.

But the world of gliders can be overwhelming.  Have you SEEN PoshTots’ selection?  Bananas!  Where do you begin?  So many glider styles, not to mention fabrics!

And here’s where we differ from many other retailers…we can help you customize a look that’s the perfect fit for you and your nursery.  Our very talented design consultants are always on hand and happy to help you put together a look you’ll love.  Have a fabric on hand that you love?  We can use the customer’s fabric to create a custom confection sure to please.  Don’t stop at the glider!  They can do it all — the whole kit and kaboodle.

Customize your own creation with a favorite fabric

To top it all off, select gliders are now on sale at PoshTots.  But hurry, the sale ends November 17th.

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