It’s that time again.  This year’s New Year’s Resolutions

1.      Raise our voices/lose our patience less.

Andrea and Pam with kids

2.      Laugh more.

3.      Hug, hug, hug.  And kiss.  And snuggle.

4.      Regular date nights with the hubby.

5.      Grab quality time whenever we can.  A trip to the grocery store is an opportunity for one-on-one time with the chickens.  Make the most of it.

6.      Organize.  The MomAgenda is so what we need.  And, Hannah Keeley (who we love) helps us keep perspective.  And her organization tips are crazy good.

7.      Get in shape.  No, seriously this time.

8.      Grab “me” time whenever we can.  Even if it’s just in the tub.

9.      Feed our souls with a creative venture/hobby/adventure we’ve always wanted to tackle or spend more time doing something we love.

10.  Be inspired always.  Hope and happiness, creativity and challenges…all go hand in hand.  Embrace!

What are YOUR resolutions? Or, are you resolved not to resolve?  Tell us!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!As another year winds down, we take the time to reflect on what’s important in life:  family, friends, health, love and laughter.  Happiness, joy and peace come in tow.  These are the blessings we have been granted. We put our hardships aside, even just for a little while, to appreciate the wonder and magic of the season.

Fortune has smiled benevolently upon us here at PoshTots, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced low tide.  But, truly, we are lucky to be doing what we love – inspired by the people we love most in the world…our children.  And yours.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers, vendors, artisans, staff and supporters.  We are truly blessed.

Happy Holidays!

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the KitchenOur annual holiday baking frenzy took place this weekend.  I say “our” but it’s really just “my.”  Here’s hoping that one day the whole fam will want to get in on the action.  This time, it was just the boys.  For about, oh, um, two minutes.  Oh well, it’s a start.  I enjoyed it while it lasted.

They’re old enough now to help, and now that they are, I think they might be less interested in doing so than they were a few years ago.  I used to set up their play kitchen in our kitchen, so that we could all “bake” together.  Sigh.  My cute little memories of cute little munchkins.  They’re too big now for the play kitchen, or so I thought…

Later, I stumbled upon a baking frenzy happening in the playroom with the (what I thought was) long forgotten play kitchen.  Aprons and oven mitts donned, they were getting things done, and having a ball.

As it turns out, they like making their own little Christmas memories!

Daydream in Beautiful Color

Uh-oh. We did it again.

Our World Canvas Reproduction

We forgot what we were supposed to be doing (work, complete with deadlines), because we got sidetracked.  By these.

New Canvas Reproductions at PoshTotsIt’s PoshTots’ newest artwork…and we’re in love.  And now, all we can think about is getting our hands on it.  For our children, of course.

Inspiration has hit.  Our brains are spinning.  The Design Consultants are busy concocting design boards in their heads, fingers furiously clicking their mouses (mice?) as they flit from bedding to rugs to lamps…concocting room plans around this seriously fun and clever art.

It’s the kind of happy accident that happens all the time here.  We may dream in black and white, but we daydream in beautiful color.

Let it Stroll, Baby, Stroll

Flyer by Bumbleride in VitaAs a purveyor of all things pint-sized and posh, we are constantly surveying the parents we pass to gain some perspective into our products.  Hey, we love ALL of our products, but we can’t have everything.  So, we pick and choose our faves.  What’s interesting is seeing what faves are picked elsewhere.

This time of  year, our sights are set on the stroller.  Christmas shopping of its own accord is close to a nightmare, but add a kid or two and all their accoutrements and, well, you better hope your kid gear and gadgets are still holding up.

Navigating holiday crowds is hard enough, but add a bulky stroller and it’s madness.  When my children were babies (there I go again, sounding just like my grandmother always did), I had a double tandem stroller that was huge and bulky and heavy.  I had to push it bent at a 90-degree angle to gain the power necessary to make it move.

Times have changed.  Strollers now pivot and swivel and collapse and expand…very space-age considering what I had to deal with.  I vaguely remember standing on the non-collapsing stroller in the parking lot, trying in vain to get it to fold.  ALL.  THE.  WAY.  DOWN.

Strollers today give the city slicker (or suburban mall mom) sleek maneuverability.  We likey. Very, very much.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Strollers

Expecting a baby?  Check out our whole collection.  There’s something for the city slicker or mall mom in all of us.

Make Mine Pint-Sized, Please

Seating for Girls & BoysI adore children’s furniture.  Not just children’s furnishings (well, I like that too, this IS PoshTots after all)…I’m talking about pint-sized furniture made for pint-sized people.

When I was a kid, I had a little rocker.  And a kid-sized table and chairs.  They were wood, they were cute.  The rocker was red and had owls decoupaged onto the back (it was the 70s).  I don’t really remember the rocker much, but we used the table and chairs all the time.

Kids’ furniture today is, well, it’s totally different than what I had (and don’t I sound like your grandmother saying that?).  Overstuffed arm chairs, sleek modern sofas, tufted ottomans (a stylish throwback to the bean bag)…much more sophisticated than my decoupaged rocker.

Seating for Girls & BoysI love these poufs, the Marimekko covered modern chairs, and the Little Castle classics, like the Royal Chair.  My daughter has a pink one, but I love that they can be customized.  She’s getting bigger, but I’m hoping for a couple more good years with it.  Now that she’s reading, it’s a cozy spot for her to curl up with a good book.  One day, maybe her daughter will do the same.

Like what you see?  Find more kids’ seating ideas here.  Be sure to contact a Design Consultant about customization!

Secret Hiding Place

Growing up and sharing a room with my sister, I longed for a space to call my own.  I even tried to rig a blanket between the wall and my bed to create a cave where I could shut out the world around me and read a book without distraction.  Of course, the little caves I made never remained mine for long. But after the initial sister invasion and the ire that ensued, inevitably we’d snuggle in there together and whisper our secrets to each other.  Completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Or, at least, OUR world.

Teepees for Girls
Teepees for Girls

Now that I’m a mother, I recognize the importance of my children having their own space, and we are fortunate that our house allows this.  However, that doesn’t prevent them from making little “caves” of their own from time to time to shut everything out.  Even in the quiet of their own room, all that stuff — the furniture, the toys and books and pictures — can be so loud.  And while they crave space without distraction, I just want to find the throws for the living room (that they use for their caves) when I feel cold.

Teepees for Boys
Teepees for Boys

These teepees are the perfect compromise.  A secret hiding spot with a door to block out the world, even for just a little while.  They love the coziness and the privacy — I love the fun designs.  (And being able to find my throws!)  The best part is that they collapse and stow away, nicely, into the closet.

Making them not just a secret hiding place, but a magical secret hiding place.

Tis the Season

As I drag the holiday décor out of the attic every year, I can’t help but feel a little chill of excitement.  Christmas is in the air!  I love it when the house is decorated, and I like to do it big, just like my mother does, and my grandmother before her.  We’re talking total house overhaul.  I even have Christmas prints that replace other artwork around the house.

And then I start going through some of my holiday accoutrements.  Much of it I still love, but some of it…well, it’s tired.  And stale.  And I’m over it.  I thought it was so wonderful once.  But, seasons change and so do my tastes.

Tis the Season for Holiday Decor

So, I’m updating my holiday stash with a few choice pieces from PoshTots and PoshLiving this year.  Some pillows, a frame for the kids’ annual Christmas picture, and maybe an ornament or two.  Little pick-me-ups to put me in a jolly frame of mind.

‘Tis the season!

I See the Future.

And it’s full of stuff.  Specifically toys and games and books and stuffed animals and dolls and movies and video games.   With Christmas right around the corner, my children are making their lists.  Long, long lists.  Which means stuff, stuff and more stuff.  And a need for somewhere to put it all.

I’m a storage snob.  I can’t stow it just anywhere.  Even my attempts at organization have to look good.  I don’t DO plastic bins.  I am what I am.  No apologies.

Teddy Organizer with Removable Buckets

So my thoughts are turning to stylish storage for their rooms and playroom.  Like the Teddy Organizer.  I could just DIE over those buckets.  I have galvanized buckets everywhere, in every size, so this very much appeals to me.  I also love stylish baskets, like this one.  Because you can tuck them in the corner and they still look good.  The Posh Palette Large Console is another favorite, because of the cubbies.  And the colors.  And the shelves.  And the cabinets.  This baby’s got it all!

Color-Coded Storage

Yes, I predict more stuff.  Too much stuff.  But I also predict stylish stowing of said stuff.  That’s MY future.