I See the Future.

And it’s full of stuff.  Specifically toys and games and books and stuffed animals and dolls and movies and video games.   With Christmas right around the corner, my children are making their lists.  Long, long lists.  Which means stuff, stuff and more stuff.  And a need for somewhere to put it all.

I’m a storage snob.  I can’t stow it just anywhere.  Even my attempts at organization have to look good.  I don’t DO plastic bins.  I am what I am.  No apologies.

Teddy Organizer with Removable Buckets

So my thoughts are turning to stylish storage for their rooms and playroom.  Like the Teddy Organizer.  I could just DIE over those buckets.  I have galvanized buckets everywhere, in every size, so this very much appeals to me.  I also love stylish baskets, like this one.  Because you can tuck them in the corner and they still look good.  The Posh Palette Large Console is another favorite, because of the cubbies.  And the colors.  And the shelves.  And the cabinets.  This baby’s got it all!

Color-Coded Storage

Yes, I predict more stuff.  Too much stuff.  But I also predict stylish stowing of said stuff.  That’s MY future.

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