Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the KitchenOur annual holiday baking frenzy took place this weekend.  I say “our” but it’s really just “my.”  Here’s hoping that one day the whole fam will want to get in on the action.  This time, it was just the boys.  For about, oh, um, two minutes.  Oh well, it’s a start.  I enjoyed it while it lasted.

They’re old enough now to help, and now that they are, I think they might be less interested in doing so than they were a few years ago.  I used to set up their play kitchen in our kitchen, so that we could all “bake” together.  Sigh.  My cute little memories of cute little munchkins.  They’re too big now for the play kitchen, or so I thought…

Later, I stumbled upon a baking frenzy happening in the playroom with the (what I thought was) long forgotten play kitchen.  Aprons and oven mitts donned, they were getting things done, and having a ball.

As it turns out, they like making their own little Christmas memories!

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