Make Mine Pint-Sized, Please

Seating for Girls & BoysI adore children’s furniture.  Not just children’s furnishings (well, I like that too, this IS PoshTots after all)…I’m talking about pint-sized furniture made for pint-sized people.

When I was a kid, I had a little rocker.  And a kid-sized table and chairs.  They were wood, they were cute.  The rocker was red and had owls decoupaged onto the back (it was the 70s).  I don’t really remember the rocker much, but we used the table and chairs all the time.

Kids’ furniture today is, well, it’s totally different than what I had (and don’t I sound like your grandmother saying that?).  Overstuffed arm chairs, sleek modern sofas, tufted ottomans (a stylish throwback to the bean bag)…much more sophisticated than my decoupaged rocker.

Seating for Girls & BoysI love these poufs, the Marimekko covered modern chairs, and the Little Castle classics, like the Royal Chair.  My daughter has a pink one, but I love that they can be customized.  She’s getting bigger, but I’m hoping for a couple more good years with it.  Now that she’s reading, it’s a cozy spot for her to curl up with a good book.  One day, maybe her daughter will do the same.

Like what you see?  Find more kids’ seating ideas here.  Be sure to contact a Design Consultant about customization!

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