It’s that time again.  This year’s New Year’s Resolutions

1.      Raise our voices/lose our patience less.

Andrea and Pam with kids

2.      Laugh more.

3.      Hug, hug, hug.  And kiss.  And snuggle.

4.      Regular date nights with the hubby.

5.      Grab quality time whenever we can.  A trip to the grocery store is an opportunity for one-on-one time with the chickens.  Make the most of it.

6.      Organize.  The MomAgenda is so what we need.  And, Hannah Keeley (who we love) helps us keep perspective.  And her organization tips are crazy good.

7.      Get in shape.  No, seriously this time.

8.      Grab “me” time whenever we can.  Even if it’s just in the tub.

9.      Feed our souls with a creative venture/hobby/adventure we’ve always wanted to tackle or spend more time doing something we love.

10.  Be inspired always.  Hope and happiness, creativity and challenges…all go hand in hand.  Embrace!

What are YOUR resolutions? Or, are you resolved not to resolve?  Tell us!

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