Tis the Season

As I drag the holiday décor out of the attic every year, I can’t help but feel a little chill of excitement.  Christmas is in the air!  I love it when the house is decorated, and I like to do it big, just like my mother does, and my grandmother before her.  We’re talking total house overhaul.  I even have Christmas prints that replace other artwork around the house.

And then I start going through some of my holiday accoutrements.  Much of it I still love, but some of it…well, it’s tired.  And stale.  And I’m over it.  I thought it was so wonderful once.  But, seasons change and so do my tastes.

Tis the Season for Holiday Decor

So, I’m updating my holiday stash with a few choice pieces from PoshTots and PoshLiving this year.  Some pillows, a frame for the kids’ annual Christmas picture, and maybe an ornament or two.  Little pick-me-ups to put me in a jolly frame of mind.

‘Tis the season!

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