Link Love

It’s time for a little link love.

A while back, we blogged about the room we helped furnish for Gwyneth Paltrow’s children in Nashville (where she was filming Country Strong – have you seen it yet?).  Of course, we had heard about her blog, GOOP, and ever since she featured her rooms (and our products!) on her site, we’ve been avid followers.  Simple and clean in its design (it’s broken down into categories of Get, Do, Be, Make, Go and See), we’ve loved reading about her finds and recommendations.  It’s a little escape from our every day.  Isn’t that what it’s about?

Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow

Check it out here.

Be Near Me

When I was a new mother, I discovered something I never knew would happen — I couldn’t bear to be out of sight of my little one.  I knew I’d be crazy about him, I just didn’t know I’d be THAT crazy about him.  I was getting to know the little guy and as his mother, I needed to witness every wondrous breath, hiccup, frown, whimper, smile and sigh he made.  We set up a bassinet in the living room, so I was never more than a room away.  And he slept in a cradle next to our bed, so he was never more than an arm’s length away and I could be there for his every need.

Londonderry Bassinet with Linens
Londonderry Bassinet with Linens

A cradle, bassinet or moses basket is a new mom’s best friend.  If you’re lucky, you’ll enlist all three.  But at least get one.  It’s an investment in mommyhood you will never regret.

Style File: Bold Navy and White

Clean and crisp, nautical inspired navy and white pops up almost every Spring fashion season.  Spring 2011 is no exception.  We love the classic combination, whether it’s on a tank top, like this top by Jil Sander, or in a tot’s room.

Which gives us an idea…

Style File: Bold Navy and White

1. Lewis Pendant
2. Jil Sander Striped Dress
3. Ronan Bedding
4. Evan Tall Bookcase
5. Gavin Baby Bedding
6. Tulips Sashay Satchel
7. Navy Deco Frame Rug

This Calls for Some Champagne!

champagne cupcakes

No, nothing extraordinary happened, unfortunately.

Ok, something did.  THESE!!! Oh. My. Gawd.  A friend of ours brought these to the office today and, well, as much as we love champagne, and any celebratory reason to drink it, these give us an excuse to enjoy champagne for any old reason at all.  They are the bomb.  Seriously.  Delicious, decadent and decidedly un-resolution friendly, but soooo doggone worth it.

Find the champagne cupcake recipe, and more delicious creations, on Gimme Some Oven.

Out With the Old

Inundated.  That’s how I would describe my house right now.  With toys.  And more toys.

We scaled back this year, really.  It’s just that, with three kids still of toy-playing age, it adds up.  Factor in grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles…

Amelia Armiore

It’s time to purge.  And I do mean PURGE.  Gone is anything broken, incomplete or totally random and ridiculous.  Gone are all things baby (a little tear here) and toys they’ve outgrown.  Gone are the toys given with good (but way too hopeful) intentions that I kept around in the off-chance that maybe one day they’d WANT to learn the capitals of all the states (who am I kidding?).  What remains is getting organized.  This should do the trick!

And the kids are in on it!  Armed with trash bags and bins, they are going through and finding things to throw away or donate to needy children.  Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital, inner-city preschools…they get to decide where their toys go. They’re all 100% on board, and excited to be there!

Storage Table in Walnut

My goal is twofold:  1) Find places for the new stuff (part of the “organize” resolution – see last blog post), and 2) Instill the spirit of sharing our blessings.  Oh, and 3) Do something good for the environment by keeping used, but still functional, toys out of a landfill.

Well, that’s three.  But that’s OK.  I feel happy, the kids feel happy and the planet is a little happier too.  It’s a great start to, hopefully, a very good year.

What’s your post-holiday toy strategy?

Very Versailles

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Like the mirrored ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  OK, so it’s technically not “mirrored” but those thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals sure have that effect.  And I began thinking about reflections.  Unfortunately, not the “deep thoughts” kind.  The pretty, shiny, sparkly kind.

Alayna Cabinet

I’ve been coveting the mirrored vanities I’ve seen popping up in every decorating magazine I purchase.  So chic and elegant, so romantic, so…WOW.  I adore them, but honestly I’m not sure I have the panache to pull it off.   Or maybe I do…

Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver

Metallic finishes, whether mirrored or merely painted on, transport me to the opulent halls of Versailles.  That opulence is gorgeous, albeit perhaps a bit overwhelming, but if you stick with key pieces (an elegant but not too frou-frou dresser, an ornate cut glass mirror, or a clever light fixture), you too can bring a little piece of the romance of Versailles into your home.