Be Near Me

When I was a new mother, I discovered something I never knew would happen — I couldn’t bear to be out of sight of my little one.  I knew I’d be crazy about him, I just didn’t know I’d be THAT crazy about him.  I was getting to know the little guy and as his mother, I needed to witness every wondrous breath, hiccup, frown, whimper, smile and sigh he made.  We set up a bassinet in the living room, so I was never more than a room away.  And he slept in a cradle next to our bed, so he was never more than an arm’s length away and I could be there for his every need.

Londonderry Bassinet with Linens
Londonderry Bassinet with Linens

A cradle, bassinet or moses basket is a new mom’s best friend.  If you’re lucky, you’ll enlist all three.  But at least get one.  It’s an investment in mommyhood you will never regret.

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