Out With the Old

Inundated.  That’s how I would describe my house right now.  With toys.  And more toys.

We scaled back this year, really.  It’s just that, with three kids still of toy-playing age, it adds up.  Factor in grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles…

Amelia Armiore

It’s time to purge.  And I do mean PURGE.  Gone is anything broken, incomplete or totally random and ridiculous.  Gone are all things baby (a little tear here) and toys they’ve outgrown.  Gone are the toys given with good (but way too hopeful) intentions that I kept around in the off-chance that maybe one day they’d WANT to learn the capitals of all the states (who am I kidding?).  What remains is getting organized.  This should do the trick!

And the kids are in on it!  Armed with trash bags and bins, they are going through and finding things to throw away or donate to needy children.  Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital, inner-city preschools…they get to decide where their toys go. They’re all 100% on board, and excited to be there!

Storage Table in Walnut

My goal is twofold:  1) Find places for the new stuff (part of the “organize” resolution – see last blog post), and 2) Instill the spirit of sharing our blessings.  Oh, and 3) Do something good for the environment by keeping used, but still functional, toys out of a landfill.

Well, that’s three.  But that’s OK.  I feel happy, the kids feel happy and the planet is a little happier too.  It’s a great start to, hopefully, a very good year.

What’s your post-holiday toy strategy?

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