Very Versailles

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Like the mirrored ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  OK, so it’s technically not “mirrored” but those thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals sure have that effect.  And I began thinking about reflections.  Unfortunately, not the “deep thoughts” kind.  The pretty, shiny, sparkly kind.

Alayna Cabinet

I’ve been coveting the mirrored vanities I’ve seen popping up in every decorating magazine I purchase.  So chic and elegant, so romantic, so…WOW.  I adore them, but honestly I’m not sure I have the panache to pull it off.   Or maybe I do…

Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver

Metallic finishes, whether mirrored or merely painted on, transport me to the opulent halls of Versailles.  That opulence is gorgeous, albeit perhaps a bit overwhelming, but if you stick with key pieces (an elegant but not too frou-frou dresser, an ornate cut glass mirror, or a clever light fixture), you too can bring a little piece of the romance of Versailles into your home.

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