I know, I know, this is something we talk about a lot here.  But, hey, it’s part of our tag line for a reason.

Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

On a personal note, I’m finally getting around to redoing my littlest son’s room, as well as my daughter’s room.  Two room makeovers at once!  Chaos, truly.  But as a result, I’ve been perusing the internet, consulting decorating books and magazines, and pulling out all my old Domino magazines (oh Domino, how I miss you!).  I aspire to think outside the box, to leave my traditionally decorated upbringing behind to create rooms for them that are warm, creative and fun.  And I need help doing that, because I am a product of the 1980s Williamsburg/Americana-inspired interiors.  It’s why I papered my son’s wall with antique maps and it’s why I created silhouettes of my little girl with fun fabrics to capture the happy, quiet beauty of little girls.

Latest inspirations:


Style Carrot


Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

Among others.  Honestly, I’ve probably spent WAAY to much time surfing for ideas.  Finishing touches to the latest rooms await.

You get the idea.  Where are your favorite sites for inspiration?  Oh, do share!

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