It’s a Barbie World

Yesterday’s Daily Candy Kids (don’t get their newsletters?  you should.  you won’t regret it) featured the ever-fashionable Barbie and her, well, fashions, a la Tiny Frock Shop, an online store specializing in Barbie fashion dating as far back as the 1920s.  Ah, memories.  I used to spend hours in the toy store debating what to buy, a $2 bill (remember those?) burning a hole in my pocket and indecision burning a hole in my brain.  Wanting to find just the perfect item for her to wear — it was my first unforgettable brush with fashion.  And now, there’s even vintage!

Vintage Barbie Prints

It just goes to show, some things just never go out of style.  Barbie certainly doesn’t.  And neither do her clothes.  And nothing immortalizes those fashion memories the way these Fashion Barbie Prints do.

What are your Barbie memories?

One thought on “It’s a Barbie World”

  1. Love this post! I know just how you feel about Barbie! I am blessed with two girls, and they both, fortunately, adore Barbies! I bought a book for my oldest daughter this past Christmas that was all about Barbie; her origination, the fan club, the first clothes… we browsed through it and ended up on Youtube looking up old Barbie ads! The very first Barbie commercial is available to view on You Tube! You should check it out! One thing I noticed, the clothing for Barbie a few decades ago is such better quality than it is now! I would love to see them bring back the vintage clothing! 🙂

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