Meet Michelle Henry, Today’s Guest Blogger

Michelle Henry dishes on design, motherhood and her recipe for sumptuous sleep. First ingredient? Beautiful bedding, of course!

Michelle Henry
Michelle Henry

I am so happy to have been asked to be a guest on the Posh Tots blog!  The name Little Bunny Blue comes from my favorite book as a child “Bunny Blue.”  It was about a little bunny that lost his big beautiful pink satin bow and he was devastated.  He worried that if he did not find it, he would not be as cute or as loved by his owner Hope Ann, or accepted by his friends.

Today, the story still means so much to me and is actually a reflection of my life being Michelle Henry of Little Bunny Blue, a mother and just being me.

Being creative, visual and a perfectionist is not always easy. Let’s face it, I am not perfect, and I can’t be “on” all the time.  So when I am “off” I start to feel incomplete and not as good as I can be.  That is probably my ultimate struggle as a single mother of four boys who’s trying to create a crib bedding line.  It comes down to having the courage to ask for help, delegate tasks and surrounding myself with positive people (however easy all that is!).

Which brings me to my topic:  “Surrounding Yourself With Beautiful Things.”  I am so excited about where our industry is today.  How fantastic is it that we can purchase baby furnishings that, later, parlay perfectly into the guest bedroom, or chandeliers that can go in the powder room or master bath?  If it’s classic and well made, it never goes out of style.  Incidentally, this is a great sales pitch for your husbands, no?

From day one, my goal was to design bedding that would withstand change.  I am inspired by so many things, but recently, I find I lean towards a mix of artistic and classic — whether I go artistic with the fabric and classic with the design, or vice versa.  I keep popular furniture like Bratt Decor and Villa Bella in mind, as well as chandeliers from I Lite 4 U, artwork and  rugs…just everything I would use if I was designing a room.  My goal is to see past just the bedding.

Little Bunny Blue

Although this year as been a tough one for me personally, I have had the wonderful support of all of the Posh Tots Staff (sweetest most professional girls ever) and, industry colleagues, and, most importantly, my clients.  I was actually getting worried for a minute that I had lost my big pink satin bow.  However, I think Isabella Jewel Rosette, Simply Silver and Bijou are just a glimpse of what sometimes can come out on the other side of “REAL LIFE.”

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8 thoughts on “Meet Michelle Henry, Today’s Guest Blogger”

  1. Michelle:
    You are the best! I love working with you and you never cease to amaze me with your creative style and design savvy. I love your work and you are soo sweet too! Great post!

  2. Michelle – we are honored to have you design for PoshTots. Love your sense of style and sensibility. Our customers are always pleased with the quality and beauty that goes into your work. Thank you again.

  3. Michelle,
    Your design style has pushed the baby bedding industry to higher standards. Your introduction of full skirts layered with carefully selected fabrics created a look that is only yours! Your design is tasteful and elegant.
    I have been impressed with your talents in designing drapery treatments. I love the fact that you are a Mom of four sweet energetic boys. I love that you with your parents who prove to me that Moms can wear both hats of business and Motherhood.
    I can’t wait to see what you design next !
    I have been to your work room and seen the quality of fabrics, the fact that you press and fold them up so nicely, handle every order with such a high standard.
    Your rocker design and ottoman set a new standard in this industry. The silver rocker and ottoman is an absolute success!
    What ever you design seems to turn into perfection. Keep on designing!

  4. Wow Karla– Thank You Girl– I mean I know you always have nice things to say because you love me!!!–LOL–Well really!!! But that was beyond! I really do appreciate everyone’s kind words and support!!!
    We all just gotta ” Keep On, Keepin” On”.

  5. Michelle,
    I agree with Karla…your designs are exquisite! As far as I’m concerned, your “pink satin bow” is as big and beautiful as ever and has remained perfectly in place!

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