Seeing Spots

The other day, as we were installing crown molding in my daughter’s room, I shocked my husband by making a rather odd request:  if something ever happens to me, please make sure that our little girl always has polka dots in her life.

I realize now the timing was wrong.  The poor man nearly gave himself a concussion.

Moms think about things like that.  Call us crazy, and morbid, but we do.

Garden Ballet Bedding

So, I felt the need to secure a little plan for her future.  See, I’ve always loved polka dots.  They’re cheerful, happy (yes I realize those two words mean the same thing, but I’m trying to make a point), playful and fun.  They feel like Spring!  You never outgrow polka dots, and they instantly brighten any space.  They’re the epitome of femininity.  And they are timeless.

See spots now?  Have a quick spring fling on us.  There now, don’t you feel happier?

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