Posh Moms

Our must-haves for moms’ day.  You’re welcome.

Laptop & iPad Covers

1. Um, yes please.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop & iPad Covers

2. The gift of shopping.  One of our must-have must-haves. Anthropologie Gift Card

3. Truly indispensable.  Perfection, in every way.  Cole Haan Jitney Medium Zip Pouch

4. Roses.  Lots and lots of roses.  Bulgarian. Baies Noire 300g Candle

5. A classic.  Just like her. Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviator Metal Sunglasses

6. A new Spring trench coat. Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Case

Full Service Please

When was the last time you went for full service at the gas station?  You know, where they pump your gas, wash your windows, check under the hood, check the tires (do they check the tires?  obviously it’s been a while).

When you do, it’s nice, isn’t it?  You feel…efficient.  Taken care of.  It’s one stop shopping personified.

Cordillia Baby Bedding

Why should designing the perfect child’s space be any different?

Of course, we’re famous for our furniture and decor, lighting and rugs, but we also offer the paint, the fabric and the know how to make it your own.  It’s the full kit and kaboodle.

Full service PUH-LEASE!

Color Your Space Green

Not the color.  Although we do love green for children’s spaces.

But, really.  It’s earth week.  And that means evaluating, or re-evaluating, your lifestyle and its impact on the earth.  Whether you go all in, and immerse yourself in an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, or prefer to take baby steps, making one change at a time, any change is a good change.  A positive change.  A healthy change.

Low VOC paint

Paint is a good place to start, and PoshTots offers a full line of VOC paints in fabulous colors.  Yes, low VOC usually means higher prices, but consider this:  what you put on your walls will affect your family for their lifetime.  You won’t be aware of the emissions, but they affect you nonetheless.  Isn’t the well-being of your children worth it??

Check out the entire line here.

Happy Earth Week!


Hot Houndstooth

I love magazines – home décor (of course), fashion, lifestyle – most any mag. After cooking dinner and getting my boys in bed, I find it relaxing (and fun) to sit down with the latest deliveries and my sticky notes.

Houndstooth: Elle Decor - March 2011

One of my faves is Elle Décor and I just can’t stop flipping through the March issue. It’s the houndstooth; I love it (see page 64). Heels, handbags, rain boots, a classic houndstooth blazer – all in my closet. And now?  Bedding, upholstery, window treatments – more to love! Houndstooth is timeless and the perfect touch for any décor. Try it with dog beds, rugs, an ottoman, accent chairs or even wall covering in a small bathroom.

~ Pam O’Hallaron, ASID

With more than twenty years of residential and commercial design experience, Pam O’Hallaron has a passion for presentation. An ASID member with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from VCU, Pam’s portfolio spans from law offices and technology companies to families trying to turn their house into a true home.

Pam joined PoshTots after the birth of her first child and is now the proud mother of three-year-old and eleven-year-old boys. With experience designing for children of all ages, Pam’s contribution to marketing, merchandising and the print catalogue has helped cultivate the luxurious, elegant and unique artistry PoshTots is known for.

A PoshTots partner and lead designer, Pam offers a creative vision that turns ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind settings for making memories.


Are you one of our Facebook friends?  If so, then you’ve already seen this juicy post.  If you’re not, then this post is for you (and you should friend us, because friends hear about sales and deals first).

I saw a picture of this tween room and got thirsty.  That sounds crazy, but admit it, this room is literally dripping with juicy color.  So much juicy, saturated color.  See, you’re getting a little thirsty, aren’t you?  Your mouth is literally watering right now, huh?

Ava Bedding Collection

I told you.

We love these vibrant hues for bold, energetic, free-spirited tweens.  They scream fun and confidence and personality. Check out all coordinating and complementing items here.

Off to pour myself a drink….

Live, from High Point

If you’re one of our Facebook fans, you’ve been getting a glimpse of the wonderful things being cooked up and scooped up at the High Point Market.  In case you missed it, here’s an example of the goodies.

Oh, and here’s the latest from our DC Lucy Roberts:

“We had a great day and enjoyed seeing some of our favorite artisans. Some of the Highlights included seeing the Lilly Pulitzer showroom which we hope to carry one day (and furnish my whole house in!) and meeting Nancy Gent from Nancy Gent Designs. Her booth was full of wonderful pieces and I can see why our customers are going crazy over her Liam Bed.”

Smart Storage
Lucy admiring this smart storage solution.
Nancy Gent
The talented Nancy Gent
Barclay Butera
Andrea and Pam with Barclay Butera
High Point Market 2011
Andrea, Anne, Lucy and Pam taking a break.

A Few Questions for…Cathy Herring

Cathy HerringDesign Consultant Cathy Herring has been with us for over 7 years now.  She is the bomb, and in addition to being super talented, she’s seen and done it all in the nursery.  And no, we don’t mean it THAT way.  She has decorated her fair share of children’s spaces, including her daughter’s.  That’s right, she’s a mom, and a pro — around here, that makes her the total package.

Name: Cathy Herring

Design Background: BFA in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University (WAY TO GO RAMS!)

Design Style: I prefer an eclectic look.  It’s all in the mix.

Inspiration? Influences? Through color and textures.

Favorite Book? The Twilight Series

On My iPod:  A little bit of everything.  I told you, it’s in the mix!

Must-See TV: The classics – “I Love Lucy,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “CSI”

Favorite Expression: Welcome to PoshTots! and I love to play! (as it pertains to decorating)

Posh Favorites: The Morgan Daybed (but I especially love the Ava Bedding Collection!), any Mosaic Wares.

Tween Scene

It amazes me how fast they grow up.  A minute ago, my son was excited for his first pair of shoes.  Thirty seconds ago, he learned to tie them.  Now, he surfs the net for just the perfect pair, and he even comparison-shops prices!

At 9, he’s officially a tween.  Which has me receiving a whole new slew of catalogs and emails targeted specifically to him (how do they KNOW??).  As a parent, I want to respect his more mature tastes and likes, but, come on, he’s still just a little kid.

Surf's Up

But, alas, his cowboy sheets and race car prints have been slowly replaced by skateboard sheets and NFL posters.  So, it’s time to update.

The easiest way is through bedding, so I think I’ll start here.  And, if you have any other ideas, short of a total room overhaul, I’d love to hear them.