Color Your Space Green

Not the color.  Although we do love green for children’s spaces.

But, really.  It’s earth week.  And that means evaluating, or re-evaluating, your lifestyle and its impact on the earth.  Whether you go all in, and immerse yourself in an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, or prefer to take baby steps, making one change at a time, any change is a good change.  A positive change.  A healthy change.

Low VOC paint

Paint is a good place to start, and PoshTots offers a full line of VOC paints in fabulous colors.  Yes, low VOC usually means higher prices, but consider this:  what you put on your walls will affect your family for their lifetime.  You won’t be aware of the emissions, but they affect you nonetheless.  Isn’t the well-being of your children worth it??

Check out the entire line here.

Happy Earth Week!


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