Posh Gym

Our employees are giving us a subtle hint that our workout room could use a little design help. We found this image taped to the door from the latest issue of Veranda. They have great taste we love the cabana ceiling treatment and wood plank walls.

Here is a shot of our current gym.

What are your remodeling recommendations for us?  What would you include in your dream gym?

Pouf! It’s Magic.

And they’re popping up everywhere.  We love them for the teen rooms, kid rooms, sunrooms, family rooms, even living rooms.  Oh, and screened porches.  Basically, this charming little ottoman wannabe is a magical must-have.  Our favorites:

Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf and a ton of other colors too

Calypso St. Barth Silver or Gold Pouf (that sold out at Target in, like, 15 seconds)

Alseda Stool goes anywhere, with anything, and it’s stackable

Le Pouf cloudlike, and so versatile

CB2 Knitted Pouf chunky and funky

Silk Velvet Embroidered Pouf timeless and luxurious

A Quick Chat with Gail Sedigh, Mariah and Nick’s Nursery Decorator

Gail Sedigh of Art for KidsWe have been so fortunate over the years to work with the best artisans in the industry.  One of our long-time (and favorite) artisans is Gail Sedigh, of Art for Kids.  She does gorgeous, sophisticated French provincial-inspired pieces that lend an elegant feel to any child’s room.

Super talented, she was recently asked to decorate Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins’ nursery.  Here’s a peek at her designs, and some insight into this beautiful room.

Your stuff is so gorgeous, and one of our best sellers, I imagine you were a shoo-in when it came to Mariah decorating her nursery?  How did it all come to be? We received a call from Mariah’s people.  They had done a lot of research on baby furniture and designers and presented her with choices.  We’re proud she chose us!

What are some of the items you used from your collections? We used the Serafina Crib in Versailles Crème Finish for the girl and the Heirloom Crib in the same finish for the boy.  We used an AFK French Wide Chest with our Trumeau Mirror above it, the Maxwell Upholstered Daybed, matching Mayfair Swivel Gliders and our Mayfair RoundTufted Ottoman, Sandrine Table, Juliette Table & Chairs Set, and Eloise Clothes Valet as well as a custom bookcase we built to fit under the ‘faux’ arched window.

What were Mariah and Nick’s favorites? Mariah had been staying at a spa when the installation was done.  I’m told she just sat and stared in awe at everything and in the days before they were born could be found ‘nesting’ in the room.  And she loved that Eloise Clothes Valet!  Nick was involved and supportive of Mariah’s choices.  He just wanted to make sure the room wasn’t too “girlie”.

The room, for all its decadence, is still so serene and quietly elegant.  Was that Mariah’s direction, or did she look to you for the design?  How much did Mariah drive the design of the nursery?  Was there anything specific Mariah wanted? I think Mariah had definite ideas and wishes for her nursery.  She very much wanted a ceiling mural with “the colors of the clouds of a Bahamian Sunset”.   AFK’s muralist, Marnie Vollenhals, painted an amazing sky with gold leaf stars.  Mariah loved it!  Here is a picture of it.  That set the tone for the nursery – serene and restful with a bit of magic!; she left the rest of the design up to me.


How did you come about the creaminess of the palette?  We’re loving the green. Mariah and Nick wanted pink for Monroe but wanted to vary a bit  from the typical “blue” boy’s palette.  We settled on green – Mariah liked the tie-in to “nature.”  I had Marnie paint another mural on the wall — a-trompe l’oeil scene that I originally suggested  be of Central Park because Mariah loves New York,  her hometown!   But when Marnie was actually painting the scene, Mariah decided that instead she wanted a more “pastoral” scene — with lambs and a bubbling brook, which is what we painted.   Ultimately Mariah loved the ceiling sky so much that she decided to have the pastoral scene painted over with more sky.  Which one do you like more?  Did she make the right choice?


What’s in the room that we don’t see in the pictures? The Maxwell Day Bed, our custom designed built-in closets and changing station and the amazing sky mural!

What are your rules for decorating a nursery? Comfort and beauty – in that order!

Tell us a little about you and your business…how did you get into this?  What are your inspirations?  Why children’s furniture? I think it’s a calling.  I’ve just always loved juvenile interiors.  I do whole house décor, but especially enjoy creating nurturing, graceful spaces to enjoy the most precious time life gives us – childhood.  I really don’t understand when people say “they’ll outgrow it so soon.”  My pieces are designed to transition into grown-up rooms.  I treasured every moment of my own children’s ‘nursery’ time and I want to help others create fabulous rooms as well.

You can see more of Gail’s creations and her line here.

A Few Questions for…Lucy Roberts

Lucy RobertsLucy is our little Southern Belle.  If she was older, she would have been a page straight out of The Preppy Handbook.  Alas, she’s just a babe.  She’s a classic nonetheless.  We love Lucy!  You will too.

Name: Lucy Roberts

Design background: No formal design background before PT.

Design philosophy: Surround yourself with colors that make you happy.

Inspirations?  Influences? Various places I have lived and traveled.  And nature.

Describe your design style? Mixing old with new.

Favorite book?  Websites: Kate Spade books, Etsy.com

On my iPod: Country Music

Must-See TV: Oprah

Favorite expression: Oh goodness…

Posh Favorites:

Lucy's Posh Favorites

  1. Yellow Birdcage Canvas Reproduction
  2. Rose Birdcage Canvas Reproduction
  3. Juliette Table Lamp with Choice of Shade
  4. Take Me Home Gift Set in Grass
  5. Lucille Baby Bedding
  6. Snowbird Bassinet with Linens
  7. Floral Whimsy Rug

Link Love

Every once in a while, we like to share sites we’ve come across that we just love.

Being in the business of design and decor, these tend to be some of our favorites types of sites, and there’s so much talent out there.  Wowza!

Nursery Notations

Nursery Notations is one we’re loving right now.  Andrika King has fabulous taste, and you can even follow her on Pinterest.  More on that later.

Be sure to check out her site…but make sure you have a chunk of time to browse, and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be nice too.

Skip Hop Jump

Skip Hop has always had cute diaper bags, and now they have nursery bedding.  True to their style, the bedding sports clean lines and a contemporary feel.  Let’s face it, one of the best things about Skip Hop diaper bags is that they don’t LOOK like diaper bags.  The bedding features clean, contemporary designs, perfect for a boy or girl.

Treetop Friends Crib Bedding

Flower Burst Crib Bedding

Baby Parade has the latest Skip Hop bedding.  And while you’re there, check out Baby Parade’s other great buys.  Sassy and savvy!

Princesses On the Brain

The royal wedding got us up early thinking of princesses, then sent us to bed dreaming of princesses too.  And it’s still on our minds.

Real princesses — you forget they really exist.  Then a beautiful, elegant girl marries a charming, handsome prince and the ultimate fairy tale suddenly comes to life.

Fantasy Coach

Thinking of Kate brings to mind one of our favorite princess pieces.  It was one of our first offerings, and it’s still one of our favorites. It’s quietly elegant, classic and charming — just like her.

Because every little girl dreams of princesses.  Even the grown up ones.