A Few Questions for…Lucy Roberts

Lucy RobertsLucy is our little Southern Belle.  If she was older, she would have been a page straight out of The Preppy Handbook.  Alas, she’s just a babe.  She’s a classic nonetheless.  We love Lucy!  You will too.

Name: Lucy Roberts

Design background: No formal design background before PT.

Design philosophy: Surround yourself with colors that make you happy.

Inspirations?  Influences? Various places I have lived and traveled.  And nature.

Describe your design style? Mixing old with new.

Favorite book?  Websites: Kate Spade books, Etsy.com

On my iPod: Country Music

Must-See TV: Oprah

Favorite expression: Oh goodness…

Posh Favorites:

Lucy's Posh Favorites

  1. Yellow Birdcage Canvas Reproduction
  2. Rose Birdcage Canvas Reproduction
  3. Juliette Table Lamp with Choice of Shade
  4. Take Me Home Gift Set in Grass
  5. Lucille Baby Bedding
  6. Snowbird Bassinet with Linens
  7. Floral Whimsy Rug

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