Million Dollar Decorators

Who’s been watching Bravo’s new series Million Dollar Decorators?  If not, you must.  Just…must.  In the famous words of Andy Cohen, “here’s what:”

It’s crazy good.  And each decorator is so different and has such a different design aesthetic.  And it’s all so over the top.  And completely, totally, utterly, unspeakably fabulous.  If you love design, you will not be disappointed.  It’s like Project Runway (which we LOVELOVELOVE) without the angst.

Bravo, TV.  Bravo!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in, and watch.  You will not be disappointed.  And then, when you’re done, tell us who YOU would hire to decorate your home.


A Few Questions For…Anne Zehmer

It’s time to meet another of our fabulous design consultants.  Anne Zehmer is one of our newer DCs – a true breath of fresh air.  Here, a few things about Anne.

Name:  Anne Harrison Flippo Zehmer

Design background:  B.A. in Art History from UGA, and New York Gallery experience from “Engels’ Gallerie” in Brooklyn

Design philosophy: I like to keep my designs light & colorful.  Whimsy & nature always play a big part for me.

Inspirations?  Influences? I find inspiration in nature and my surroundings. I am highly influenced by the Art Nouveau movement of 1920’s France & America and by my extensive travels. I look for inspiration in each culture I explore and all of the people I meet along the way.

Describe your design style:  Simple, feminine, organic, natural, light-hearted

Favorite book?  Websites? Books:   Me Talk Pretty One Day (David Sedaris), Watership Down (Richard Adams), One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Ken Kesey), The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein); Website:; Movie:  The Muppet Movie (1979)

On my iPod: Metric, Bjork, , Radiohead, Cat Power, The Postal Service, Neutral Milk Hotel

Must-See TV:  Modern Family, Arrested Development (oh, how I miss it!)

Favorite expression: I try not to use cliché sayings.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

1. Birdcage Plywood Mobile

2. Catalina Bed

3. St. Bart’s Étagère

4. Gerbera Lingerie Chest

5. Garden Stepping Stones Rug in Multi


Stylish and Savvy: Storage galore at PoshTots.

You know, you move into a new, larger space, and are amazed and almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of space you have added to your life. Space you think you will never be able to fill. Space to spread out. Space, glorious space!

Suddenly, the space is gone. And you’re crowded by the millions of accessories and accoutrements that you’ve collected to fill the space, and by the sheer fact that life happens. You grow, your family grows and so does your stuff.

And that stuff can be intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be. Like this stylish storage in Lonny Magazine (which, by the way, we love). So simple. Such a statement. Perfect in every way.

What are your stylish storage tricks?? Is it a cute coffee table that doubles as a play table AND trunk, like this? Or something a bit more traditional, like this striking armoire?

Bohemian Rhapsody

Retrospecting over the decades, “bohemian” has often been synonymous with “hippie,” or “crunchy,” or “granola.”

So, when did Bohemian become so chic?

Now it means hand blocked Ikat patterns, colorful and vibrant suzanis, and warm, earthy tribal prints.  Leather poufs (which you already know are a PT fave), quatrefoil-inspired patterns and rich, saturated colors are the rage.  So versatile, it can add a punch of the unexpected to a traditional room, or anchor an eclectic melange.

Need some help getting started?   Or just browsing for inspiration?

How do you suzani?  Incorporated Ikat chic?  Do share!

Dog Days

I find myself oddly and repeatedly drawn to art featuring dogs.  I have a little Dachsund box in which paper clips are stored.  I have a pencil sketch of Schnauzer puppies that I bought for my son’s nursery, an oil painting of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel that I found at a second-hand shop, and a print of a Bulldog sitting on a Louis XIV chair in a hugely gilted, ornate frame.  I am the proud owner of a Lab.  Which explains none of the above.  BUT, I have a wonderful stretched Lab canvas that I special-ordered personalized with my dog’s name.  It holds a place of honor above his food bowl.  Which is where he spends most of his time, either eating or wishing he was doing so.

That’s why these dog prints are so…well, words fail me.  I flat out adore these.  One in every color and breed, please!  Love, love, love.

What’s your favorite?  Does Celeste speak to you, or do you just want to rub Rex’s head?


Kids’ Rooms: Making Them Stylish and Practical

Well, it’s obvious from the title here that this is right up our alley.  And we were thrilled to be contacted by the folks at Chesapeake Home + Living to shed some insight on what really makes kids’ spaces for their July issue.  Our lead designer, the fabulous Pam O’Hallaron, shares her tips for mixing it up in kids’ rooms.  Some callouts: utilizing sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood for it’s eco-conscience, sleek lines and clean, modern looks; practical lighting for creating zones; and keeping the “trendy” to accessories that can be easily replaced.  Check it out!

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine COVER - Decorating Kids' Rooms

View the products:

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine PAGE 1 - Decorating Kids' Rooms

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine PAGE 2- Decorating Kids' Rooms

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine PAGE 3 - Decorating Kids' Rooms

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine PAGE 4 - Decorating Kids' Rooms

Chesapeake Home Living Magazine PAGE 4 - Decorating Kids' Rooms

Copa Cabana

PoshTots Copa Cabana 1
Now, THIS is my idea of living.  Well, if you’re a kid.  But seriously, I’m fighting the urge to make. this. mine.

What a way to laze away the hazy days of summer.  In the backyard, by the pool, or even at the beach, this beauty is good to go.  So, soooo yummy.

PoshTots Copa Cabana 1
PoshTots Copa Cabana 1

Pillow Talk

Artisan Kevin O’Brien’s Rorschach pillows (in aqua) were recently seen in the June issue of House Beautiful, on the sofa of a South Carolina home designed by Sally Markham.


The look and feel of this simple sofa and other casual furniture can be changed instantly by adding a different color, mod patterned, or themed pillow. Kevin O’Brien’s creations are perfect for adding fun flair to furnishings. His hand-dyed velvet, appliquéd linen and screen-printed cotton pillows are perfect for anyone’s personal style and every home’s decor.

Consider pillows the earrings of your design scheme – be creative, experimental, exuberant!