Dog Days

I find myself oddly and repeatedly drawn to art featuring dogs.  I have a little Dachsund box in which paper clips are stored.  I have a pencil sketch of Schnauzer puppies that I bought for my son’s nursery, an oil painting of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel that I found at a second-hand shop, and a print of a Bulldog sitting on a Louis XIV chair in a hugely gilted, ornate frame.  I am the proud owner of a Lab.  Which explains none of the above.  BUT, I have a wonderful stretched Lab canvas that I special-ordered personalized with my dog’s name.  It holds a place of honor above his food bowl.  Which is where he spends most of his time, either eating or wishing he was doing so.

That’s why these dog prints are so…well, words fail me.  I flat out adore these.  One in every color and breed, please!  Love, love, love.

What’s your favorite?  Does Celeste speak to you, or do you just want to rub Rex’s head?


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