We’re in a beach frame of mind.  Where better to spend the lazy, hazy days of summer?  It’s sweltering outside, so why not seek some relief from the serenity of sand and surf?  It’s too hot here in Richmond.  It’s making us crabby.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering we’re surrounded by these beauties, which were just featured in the Baltimore Sun.  Turns out they’re crabby too, I guess.

Crawl on over to PoshLiving for bushels of crabs, as well as other seaside succulents.  For your home, of course.

And yes, we really went there.   Our brains offer up a unique hilarity when we’re melting.

1. Beach Crab Pillow

2. Chesapeake Pillow

3. Pier 6 Crab Canvas

4. Crab Framed Print

5. Oceans Crabs Artwork, Set of Four

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