Runway to Reality

We love the idea of taking our favorite outfits from the runway and duplicating the look in our homes. Take this outfit from J.Crew’s 2011 Fall Collection.  We love the pops of orange and red against the navy and washed out/grayish denim.  We did a little shopping over at PoshLiving, and here’s what we came up with.

The Madera Duvet replicates the washed out soft denim shirt, in both texture and color.
The pattern in the pant is outstanding and is reminiscent of our fabulous Ikat Table Lamp.
Our Nicola Envelope Accent Pillow resembles the hard lines of those sassy shoes.
The room is flanked by a coat of orange, or a bold Taboret Stool Side Table in Orange.
Accessorize the look with a warm neutral topped with a crisp navy trim, such as our Madigan Upholstered Headboard.
Our Hyperion Red Rug adds a pop of red to finish the look.

Now tell us how YOU would duplicate the look.

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