A Nursery of Our Own

Meet Branin and his adorable son, Lucas.

For the past four years, Branin has been the IT Director (and resident technology guru) here at Posh Headquarters. So when he and his wife Kathy recently welcomed a bustling baby boy into the world, we were happy to add him – and his notably full head of hair – to our fabulous posh family. Of course, Lucas is not only a charming little chap but his posh nursery speaks volumes about his style. Let’s just say that we were smitten with both baby Lucas and his space from the start.

We can’t take the credit for this charming nursery creation but we’d certainly love to! While we’d like to think that we’re rubbing off on Dad, Kathy has more than proven she has an eye for design as a Producer at the award-winning advertising firm, The Martin Agency. The proud parents chose turquoise paint as the bold backdrop to a room filled with contemporary cravings – from a sleek modern crib and bookcase to adorable animal accessories. What’s next on the list for this nursery nest? A set of fun window treatments to tie it all together. After all, every dynamic design is always a posh work in progress.

Here’s how you can get the look of Lucas’ Modern Hoot Nursery.

And here are a few questions for one of our favorite Posh Pops:

Name: Branin Lippincott

Inspirations? Influences?: Per my wife: “We like to mix old and new and take a lot of cues from mid-century modern design. For Lucas’ room, we wanted to create a space we refer to as “his childhood adventure”, pulling in outdoor elements, such as birds and safari animals. The best part about it is that the furniture will grow with him and his changing tastes.”

Describe your design style: Again, per my wife: “Transitional eclectic. Our house is on the newer side, so we tend to choose pieces that are architectural in nature.”

Favorite book?: Whichever Brandon Sanderson book came out most recently.

Website?: PoshTots, of course. If I had to pick a non-Posh site, Ars Technica is one I read daily.

Hobbies: Photography, Biking, Hiking, Travel, Video Games, Live Sound Reinforcement

On my iPod: 40GB worth of music of all types starting from when I was old enough to rip my first CD.

Must-See TV: Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter and the sadly passed Firefly.

Favorite expression: “Ooooo” (the cooing sound my son makes when he is happy)

One thought on “A Nursery of Our Own”

  1. Kathy (my niece), Branin, and Lucas are such a precious family! I had the privilege of “holding and loving” baby Lucas for a whole week shortly after his birth. Thank you for praising the home of this family because they are “the real deal.” Their decor is beautiful, but their hearts make it a blessed home! I had such a wonderful time but wish we could live closer. Thank you again for your website.
    Sincerely, Judy Pyle (Corpus Christi, Texas)

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