Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I’ll begin with my own answer to the title question which is, most certainly, no. That is – until 4 days ago, and in the spirit of Halloween I decided to share my experience with you. I typically snicker at reality shows depicting ghost sightings and claiming that strange noises are potentially part of the paranormal. But, after my recent stay at The Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem, NC, I am seriously questioning myself. I’ll let you be the judge.

(Img Credit: Southern Living)

After a long day walking the High Point Furniture Market, I was relieved to check into a charming room at the Brookstown Inn. It reminded me of the bedrooms in my grandmother’s house. An old quilt covered the bed, a dated television sat in an old armoire and there was a lace doily on the small desk in front of the window. I slipped into bed around 11pm and, after flipping through the few available channels, turned off the TV and fell asleep almost instantly. Around 5:15am, I woke to the sound of creaking wood. At first, I thought it was someone walking upstairs but the sound seemed to stay in a confined area right above my bed.

Annoyed, I tried to fall back asleep as the sound grew more intense. After ten unsuccessful minutes of “ignoring” the strange sound, I began to hear children giggling and playing. If I had to guess, it sounded like a few five or six year olds. Where were the adults in this room? Who would leave children in a hotel unsupervised? I waited for heavy footsteps or the deep sound of a mature voice but…nothing.

After thirty minutes of the children laughing, stomping and roughhousing, I wrestled with the notion of contacting the front desk to complain. Let me preface this by saying that I have three children of my own. I’ve been the parent with the crying baby on the airplane and the cranky kids at the grocery store. Normally, I would write this off to kids being kids but this was driving me bananas!

I reluctantly turned on the lights, dialed the front desk and relayed my story to Vickie’s pleasant voice on the other end of the line. After a long pause, Vickie politely told me that there was only a single gentleman staying above my room. In fact, there were only three occupied rooms on the entire fourth floor. (I was on the third.) I suggested that the noises might be coming from next door and, again, Vickie derailed my theory. There was just a single woman in the room next to me. Being market week, the hotel was primarily occupied with business owners and buyers like myself. Could the sounds be coming from the hallway?

Vickie offered to send security to the fourth floor to investigate. I thanked her and apologized before hanging up. I was already feeling guilty for complaining about children just having some fun. So, when I walked past the front desk several hours later, I stopped to thank Vickie and to do a little detective work. The current desk clerk, Angela, said that Vickie had gotten off at 7am. I felt compelled to tell my strange tale, yet again, to Angela.

When I got to the part about the giggling children, Angela’s face turned bright red. She clearly knew what I was talking about and had heard this story before. It was also evident that she was uncomfortable speaking about it in front of the other guests standing nearby. After what seemed like an eternity, I insisted she come clean. She was definitely holding something back.

Although she hadn’t heard the noises from her room across the hall, my friend almost jumped over the desk while attempting to get Angela to admit that the hotel was haunted. My friend absolutely nailed the landing on the “spill it or else” stare. Finally, although Angela technically wouldn’t admit that the hotel was “haunted” (and she’d never heard the giggling children herself), she did confess that many guests had described hearing the same sounds. And, on each of the reported occasions, there hadn’t been any children staying in the hotel.

So, back to the question at hand, do I believe in ghosts? Let’s just say that I’m not laughing anymore (but someone on the fourth floor of that hotel certainly is).

Toddler Saves Mother’s Life

Today’s news headline shocked us to the core.

This two amazing year old child, Lia, was able to phone her grandmother when her mother had a life threatening seizure. She had never before used a cell phone and miraculously managed to call and tell her grandma that “Mommy won’t wake up.” (Source: SF Gate)

We are amazed by the actions taken on Lia’s part, and humbled to think at how much our children really absorb from watching us. Even at two years old, they can mimic our actions and in this case, save a life!

Tell us, have you had an amazing moment with your child, something that you just couldn’t believe they were capable of? Do you have a funny experience to share when you caught them reflecting your actions? We’re eager to hear more of what those brilliant little minds are capable of!

Design Dynamo Contest, Winner!

Our first Design Dynamo contest has finally come to a close, with much success! You submitted so many gorgeous spaces that it was hard not to choose them all. In the end, we narrowed it down to 10 fabulous finalists who collected over 5,700 of your votes!

The final days of the contest were really a close call – both Charlotte’s Treehouse Dream and The Lynn’s Shabby Chic Peek were neck and neck. As midnight approached, and after much anticipation, our winner was revealed. Without further ado, the winner of our contest and of a $500 PoshTots Gift Certificate is Charlotte’s Treehouse Dream.

We are in awe of this nursery and, quite honestly, it was one of our easiest picks for a finalist. Michelle of New Jersey not only designed this magical escape, she also hand painted the beautiful walls that make it so unique. We were swept away by the hot air balloon mobile, and are still smitten with the treehouses and birds that have “escaped” the mural around the room.

In the words of our winner,
“I like to create “worlds” for children to live in. I wanted the prettiest, sweetest and most peaceful world one could imagine. I wanted to teach my daughter to love nature and appreciate the earth’s beauty. I also wanted her to understand that imagination can make life happier. So, in short, I truly believe that having her live in this world will shape the person she becomes. There are lots of details that I could not sum up in the pictures. “Carved” in one of the trees is a heart with an arrow through it that has mine, my husbands and my daughters initials inside and, lower to the ground, scratch marks and my cats’ names. There is a soft rainbow over the dresser. I think rainbows should make a comeback from the eighties – they rarely appear in designs anymore and it’s a shame! The furniture, with the exception of the crib, are family heirlooms that I refinished and switched the knobs to ceramic rosebud knobs. The rug features frogs wearing different outfits for a touch of whimsy and imagination. It’s quite a small room, but it appears much larger because you have the sensation that you are outside in a sweet, dreamy world. ”

Bravo, Michelle! We know that Charlotte will have a gorgeous place to rest her head for many years to come.

Be sure to stay tuned for more PoshTots Facebook contests in the future!

Bumping Bumpers?

As society evolves, so does our idea and knowledge of what is safe. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we were painting with lead and smoking on airplanes! PoshTots is proud to say we’ve grown and adapted as the years have gone by and as product regulations have changed. But, the question still remains, where should the line be drawn when it comes to child safety? Could a crayon, stuffed animal or even a pacifier be considered unsafe when put within the reach of an unknowing child?

Today’s hot-button safety issue is baby bedding, particularly crib bumpers. These stylish accents were intended to prevent…well, bumps. While the American Academy of Pediatrics is advocating the ban of bumpers due to potential injuries, the jury is still out amongst many industry regulators. Michael Dwyer, executive director of the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA), reports that traditional, non-pillow style bumpers are fine, and “our fear is that the recommended elimination of bumpers from the marketplace will lead to unintended consequences and may encourage parents to use towels, adult blankets or pillows as a protective barrier from the hard wooden surface of the crib slats.”

Now, we turn to our posh pals for your opinion. What are your thoughts on the safety of crib bumpers? Should they be “bumped”?

Feel free to offer additional insight on this issue in the comments field. We want to hear your personal opinions!