5 Pregnancy Fears

Today marks 19 weeks in my journey to motherhood. In exactly one week I will be at the halfway point of pregnancy and having my 20 week ultrasound where my baby’s gender will be no longer a mystery and I will get to see their sweet face for one last time until May (provided no complications arise). While this time is a very joyous one for me and my family, it is also one of fears and uncertainty. Below I will share my top five fears on this journey.

5. Breastfeeding. What if I can’t? What if it is too painful? What if the baby simply will not latch on? This could be a huge deciding factor on the health of my dear babe and I do not know what exactly to expect or even how to prepare for it. I trust my body is doing its part though, at least my new cup-size is telling me so.

4. A Strangers Touch. While watching last week’s Office, I could totally relate to the t-shirt Ryan and Kelly bought for Angela that read “Ask, Then Touch.” I’ve had a couple encounters with belly fondling so far, and it is shocking, and uncomfortable. I hope boundaries are more common once the protective layer of belly is no longer shielding my wee one.

3. Body Changes.
Speaking of my new cup-size, what happens when all the milk is drained from my once previously perky parts? (WAIT, DON’T ANSWER THAT!!) We all know there are changes that happen when a woman becomes a mother, that will forever leave their mark on their bodies. I’m just hoping mine aren’t stretch marks and a triple chin.

2. Dropping/Hurting the Baby. I am a klutz by nature, not coordinated at all. I have the bruises to prove it. I’m constantly knocking into things, dropping things, and tripping over my own feet (especially now that I can’t see them). But what happens when I have an uh-oh moment with a tiny person? Let’s hope there isn’t permanent damage. Hey! Maybe that is how I became a klutz in the first place?

1. Giving Birth. I am not only a huge klutz, but also a huge wimp! I’ve been known to cry over a menstrual cramp, so how will I ever find the strength to have a natural birth? Yes it has been done since life existed, and yes I am created as a woman to handle this, but that doesn’t mean the thought doesn’t scare me to pieces.

I’m sure I could make a list of 100 (or maybe 1,000) fears, but this pretty much sums up the top fears at the moment. I can effortlessly put together the nursery, but I still can’t figure out how to solve these fears. Any Mom’s or Mom’s-to-be with similar fears? Is there something more terrifying that I haven’t thought of? Any advice to calm those nerves? Or keep away the strangers wanting to rub your belly?

I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “5 Pregnancy Fears”

  1. Carley,
    5. There is always the option of pumping all your milk if the baby does not take to the breast. Mikie’s wife done this with their baby. She pumped every feeding for Izabella till she was 9 months old. She would fill in here and there with formula if needed.
    4. I think I would have to slap their hand. A close relative is one thing but no one else should unless they are invited to. I dont think they should even ask.
    3. You may get left with a few stretch marks but I dont think you will let the triple or even double chin sneak in on you. You take very good care of yourself and I thin you will keep the weight off.
    2. You are a little unstable on your feet for sure…….but it will amaze you how babies “fix” alot of our faults after we have them. The brain telling you to protect the little person will control the feet that want to introduce you to the floor.
    1. You arent a wimp……you just have a low tolerance for pain :). Again…….the mommy thing kicks in and you can handle any amount of pain for that sweet little mini Carley!!!!!

    I love ya Carley and I know you are going to be a wonderful mommy.


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