Tori Spelling’s Nursery – Get baby Hattie’s Look

October 10 Tori Spelling welcomed baby Hattie Margaret into the world, and what a fabulously decorated world for Hattie to see at that. Tori had planned for a boy, and was shocked when her new baby was a blushing baby girl. She tells Access Hollywood on her pre-planned grey and yellow nursery, “In the hospital when I realized it was a girl I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, no! I want her bathed in pink!” And fabulous pink sweet Hattie is bathed in! Check out the Access Hollywood insider video tour below:

Isn’t that space such a fun retreat for Tori and Dean’s new girl? Here are our Posh Picks for acheiving the look of Hattie’s Hot Pink Haven:

Festival of Blue!

Aren’t the colors of the season’s holidays so inspiring? From Christmas reds and greens, to the bold colors of Kwanza, and let’s not forget those soothing Hanukkah blues and silvers. Whatever the color we love the meaning of family traditions and holiday spirit. This board is brought to you by the varying shades of blues and silver. We hope you enjoy and feel transported to a warm place with laughter and love.


I am human, afterall.

Carley here, for my first report on my pregnancy. I am 18 weeks today and thankfully out of that first trimester zombie-like state! Is it just me or did they model zombies after newly pregnant women who have no idea how to control their changing body?! Anyway, after week 15 hit I slowly morphed back into a human who could digest a full meal and finish the day without a single nap. It has been quite refreshing being human again, and oh how I feel for those unfortunate zombie mom’s who never do get out of that first trimester funk.

Over the past weekend I unpacked a haul of recycled baby goods, (see me modeling them in the shot above) including more than 30 bibs and more bottles than I ever imagined I would need. I cannot believe the generosity of previous mom’s who are passing along their old baby gear. I’m modeling in front of my wall o’ shelves that will be very useful for storing all our baby gear tucked neatly behind some fun curtains. The curtains have not yet been picked out yet, but I’m thinking chevron may be making an appearance.

I have a mile long to do list for the preparation of my babe that I will blog with you on our accomplishments and setbacks, but so far I have felt a bit jaded and overwhelmed. Perhaps it is because I have no idea where to start, or maybe my inner zombie took over for so many weeks that I’m finally realizing I need to get a move on, but I think the thing that has really been holding me back is the big gender reveal. We plan to find out on Christmas morning, if our babe cooperates on the next ultrasound we will have them write down the gender on a card and open it on Christmas morning (or maybe Christmas Eve if we just can’t stand it!) As you can imagine, I am more excited about this Christmas than I have ever been before.

I know some mom’s choose to find out when the baby is born, and I know how rewarding that must feel but that is not me. I feel like it will be such a special gift mid-pregnancy that will help settle a lot of the thoughts that are rushing through my head. I believe once I know the gender everything will go from fog to clarity. I think my overwhelming Type A personality will finally be satisfied and ready to plan, plan, plan.

I know that there are decisions I could be making now but where do I start? So I turn to you dear experienced parent readers, where did you begin on your baby arrival planning? I would LOVE any comments and feedback you have to give!

Thanks for reading,

Letters from Santa

Do you remember the joy of Christmas as a young child. Leaving cookies and carrots out for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Waking up that magical morning to find what Santa had brought to loved ones as the spirit of Christmas filled the air.

What about that thoughtful letter you wrote to Santa that detailed how good you had been all year long and why you were deserving of this or that? What if Santa returned a letter to you?! With Joan Sheppard’s magical “Letters from Santa” you can send a loved one a letter from the Jolly guy himself. A personalized letter specific to your needs complete on parchment paper with hand-water colored illustrations and whimsical penmanship.

After all, who wouldn’t adore a letter from the magical Saint Nicolas?