PoshTots & Olioboard Contest – Winners!

After many weeks, and hundreds of fun and inspiring design board entries, our Olioboard contest has come to a close. We were blow away by the talent and pure creativity by so many of the top 25 entries, we could spend all day imagining playing in the magical spaces that were created. In the end, it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to our top three favorites. Luckily we had a talented group of judges with Andrea Edmunds, Owner and CEO of PoshTots, and Elise Jones blogger and editor of Baby Bites, and Here in This House. After much deliberation we present you with the winners of our contest.

In third place, for a $125 gift certificate to PoshTots,

Unisex PoshTots Bedroom, by anisafhayati

This board is full of fun modern design, we love the pops of color and the simple clean lines of the furniture. We imagine any child would enjoy spending time in their room when by such bold colors and fun products.

Get the look of this contemporary creation:
Hut Hut in Yellow ResinVintage Fire Engine Pedal CarToby Life Size OrangutanColor Dog Rex The Boston Terrier Canvas PrintRoyal Travels Hot Air Balloon in RainbowMambo Ride on Zebra

In second place, for a $250 gift certificate to PoshTots,

Visions of Versailles, by chaoticallycreative

From the designer, “Visions of Versailles hosts luxury bedding and the finest of nursery furnishings. Fabrics in lush velvet and shiny silk add texture to this precious palace.” We couldn’t agree more Ms. Creative! We adore the hues of blues and the natural textures through out. This board is truly a PoshTots masterpiece.

Get the look of this fabulous feature:
Frederica Ivory Floral Chandelier Bella Notte Linens Satin Velvet Bumper in Choice of Color Levana Mirror Pixel Nursing Pillow Champion Bay Heirloom Rocking Horse Snips and Snails Memo Board Cottage Style Open Toy Box Fleur De Lis Wastebasket Windsor Clock Oval Highchair in Distressed Gray Bonne Nuit French Baroque Versatile Dresser in Versailles Finish Classica Boudoir Pillow Sham Charlie Deco Pillow Sham Camilla Chair Bella Notte Linens Velvet Curtain Panel in Choice of Color Couture Capiz Shell Hardware Collection Bella Notte Linens Linen Whisper Bedspread in Choice of Color Linen Quilted Fabric by the Yard Celeste Fabric by the Yard Couture Stonewashed Coverlet

Finally we present you with the crème de la crème of PoshTots Olioboards, our number one choice and the winner of a $500 PoshTots gift certificate:

The PoshTots Children’s Bedroom, by marialuisalim

This board presents a fresh perspective in the dreamy world of PoshTots. We love how sophisticated and chic this room seems to be, perfect for any princess to call home.From the clean white chandeliers, to the blend of natural elements and artwork, this room is that of a dreamer, and dare we dream in such a sweet space.

Get the look of this chic cove:

Deauville Seaglass Table Lamp Mambo Ride-On Zebra myHaven Cottage Chest in Cotton Owl Cushion Mix & Match Louise Phillippe Panel Bed in Surf Blue Exotic Butterflies Lamp Cherry Blossom Birdies Canvas Reproduction Royal Travels Hot Air Ballon in Green Morgan Daybed Papar the Owl Wheelie Bag Pink Rose Lamp Shade The Holly Ann Dollhouse Kit

That concludes our wonderful winners of our Olioboard contest, but we do have a special honorable mention for a board we at the PoshTots headquarters simply adore, and that is also currently featured on the home page of Olioboard’s “recently hot” section of their homepage.

My Little Dear, by Susan

We simply love the artistic aspect of this board, and it was a major contender for the top spot. The colors and art created a playful space full of artistic inspiration.

Thank you for all the entries we recieved in this amazing contest! We look forward to working with Olioboard in the future on more exciting contests and projects!

Meet the Artist, Marnie Vollenhals

Recently we had the pleasure of featuring this fabulous artist’s work on The Today Show. We just love the Modern Owl Canvases that were featured so much that we knew they would go viral on Pinterest, in our Pin It to Win It Contest!

(Pin this fabulous artwork now to be entered in our contest, ending at 5PM EST today!!)

Without further ado it’s now time for you to meet the talent behind the paintbrush, the fabulous Marnie Vollenhals!

When did you know you were going to be an artist? I was born with it to be completely honest. From Preschool and up, I was told I had some talent. It was during my last years of High School though, that I really wanted to pursue it as a career.

What inspires you? My vendors like you (PoshTots), fans, and all of my customers that are all around the world. All of the thankful emails that I receive and constant orders, really inspires me to keep going and create more unique art. I LOVE you guys 🙂

What is your favorite part of your job? I started keeping a map of the world with a little dot next to every place I have ever shipped to. I love shipping out an order and placing a dot on its destination….silly. I feel like all of my customers have a little piece of me in their home. That’s my favorite 🙂

Favorite PoshTots product? My favorite product are any of the large outdoor playhouses that you have. Those things are amazing.

Custom Home Replica Playhouse

Favorite Food? Aything healthy- I’m a health food junkie, but a sucker for red licorice.

Weekend Activity? My weekends are honestly packed with painting and attending my boys’ sporting events. We are a huge football family also. We live in Texas and the youth here play year round, it’s fun.

Here are a few of our favorite items from this talented artist!

Alpha Tree Hand-Painted Canvas
Letters are growing on this fun and modern tree! Perched on a branch is Smarty the Owl. Bright and preppy colors make this piece pop. Your little one is sure to pick up the alphabet on this painting.

Love Chics II Hand-Painted Canvas
These sweet little birds are too cute! Hand-painted with added felt, and hand-made printed paper, are simply perfect for baby’s nursery.

Rocket Dog Hand-Painted Canvas
Blast off to space with the coolest dog in the universe. Hand-painted with fun bold colors, this piece of work is an eye catcher.

Diapering: Disposable or Cloth?

As you can see by the image above, I’m getting bigger by the day and it’s growing closer and closer to my April 1st due date. Last weekend I made the trek down to a cute little Richmond baby boutique to participate in a packed cloth diapering class in hopes that it would help me finally settle the internal debate I’ve been having: Disposable or Cloth? Judging by the amount of people piled into the very small room it is apparent that cloth diapering is peaking the interests of many soon-to-be-mothers. The woman teaching the class was a seasoned cloth diapering mother of 2 who took the time to go over all the different types of cloth diapers currently on the market and some of their pro’s and con’s.

There are many overall benefits of cloth diapers, which include several desirable perks: they contain less chemicals; there is a reduced frequency and severity of diaper rashes; they are better for the environment than their disposable counterparts; they can help potty train earlier; they are reusable and can be used for multiple children, which also means they are ultimately cheaper than disposables. They come in many different varieties, including: prefolds; fitted; all-in-one’s (AIO) or all-in-two’s (AI2); pockets; and hybrids. With so many choices it can be a little overwhelming at first. The two that seemed the easiest and most efficient to me were the all-in-one (AIO) and pocket diapers. They are a little bit more expensive than their pre-fold counterparts, but they still come in much cheaper than disposables in the long run, and can be used for multiple children. The thing that appealed most to me is their streamlined design that mimicked the convenience of modern disposables with easy snap and Velcro closures. They were not the old timey design with the single piece of cloth and clothes pins that everyone imagines when you say “cloth diapers.” Now coming to the one big con of cloth diapering: the mess! This is the number one issue that most mothers deal with when considering cloth vs. disposable, what do you do with all that stinky poop? Well to my surprise the cloth diapering industry has come up with many innovative ways to battle the mess without too much hassle.

Cleaning Dirty Cloth Diapers:
The Diaper Sprayer-

Pictured above, BumGenius Diaper Sprayer
This is a clever device that hooks onto the watersource of your toilet and allows you to hang dirty diapers over the toilet bowl so that you can just give them a quick spray to remove all the unwanted gunk. The waste will go directly into the toilet so you can just flush it away and toss the wet diaper in a waterproof wet bag, another cloth diapering life saver! Wetbags are not only waterproof but also designed to trap in any risidual smells and can be tossed right into the wash with the diapers. It seems easy enough! This is the method that the class’s instructor used and she said that it was very effective and it has had great reviews by users online.

Disposable Diaper Liners

Pictured above, GroVia All Natural BioLiners.

Disposable diaper liners that can be flushed with the rest of the mess. These work by simple tearing off a piece of the roll and putting in the center of the diaper. After baby goes you just toss the liner in the toilet and flush. This seems simple enough, and the liners are relatively cheap, so it seems like an easy solution.

Disposable Inserts for Pocket Diapers

Pictured above, Charlie Banana, Disposable Inserts

These disposable liners fit nicely into pocket cloth diapers and allow you to remove the mess and simply toss the liner straight into the garbage; then the diaper in the wet bag for the laundry. This option did not appeal to me as much as the other two because you would need an additional trash pail for stinky liners as opposed to just flushing the waste down the toilet. This may however be a suitable option for when baby is on a trip and you want the full convenience of a disposable diaper and a little extra padding in your cloth diaper. This may also be good for babysitters and daycares that may not be familiar with cloth diapering as this option seems as easy as a disposable; you just toss the soiled part and put on a fresh diaper.

After reviewing all of my options and considering the pros and cons of using cloth diapers I have decided to give them a shot. It seems to me that pros far outweigh the cons and all of my fears of cloth diapering being too messy or too much to deal with are not validated after my research. The fact that there are several options available to reduce the “ick-factor” of cloth diapering, making the mess much more manageable, definitely helps to make my decision much easier.

Where do you stand on the cloth diapering debate? Do you have any advice or input on the pros and cons? I’d love to hear from you!

PoshTots and Olioboard Contest – Design Your Dream Room & Win It!

A few months ago we had the pleasure of being introduced to an incredible website for designers and do-it-yourselfers alike – Olioboard. And the best part? Anyone can create the room of their dreams with the mere click of a mouse! You can mix and match items from the internet, upload your own photos and just let the creative juices flow. Naturally, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to run a contest with Olioboard where the rooms you create use PoshTots products. We knew we were in for a treat, but the entries have been even sweeter and more decadent than we ever dreamed.

With just over a week left to design and vote for your favorite rooms, we invite you to take part in this creative contest, and potentially win a $500, $250 or $125 PoshTots Gift Certificate! The posh boards below are examples of the creativity of the Olioboard community. Use them as inspiration to submit your own dynamic room design!

Gender Neutral Nursery – by tonyab

The PoshTots Chidren’s Bedroom – by marialuisalim

Poshabilities – by diroler

Ahoy Matey – by princessofdesign

My Little Dear – by susan

Sail or soar into this boy’s bedroom – by dawnlynndesigns

Visions of Versailles – By chaoticallycreative

Zachary’s Room – by livingpaces

La Rosa Sul Cappello – By MirellaParer

Playful Tot – by joci37