Reading Across America

What develops curious minds and is a distinguishing factor in student achievement and long-term success? Well, reading, of course!

Celebrating its 15th year this Friday, March 2nd is National Read Across America Day. Founded by the National Education Association in 1998 on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, Read Across America Day is dedicated to promoting the importance of reading. With more than 50 million kids and adults taking part in Read Across America Day in 2011, it’s the largest reading event in the nation.

Besides picking up a good book and reading to your kids, here are some other creative activities you might want to consider courtesy of

Top 5 Seussational Celebrations:
1. Make a Cat in the Hat-Inspired Hat: What better way to embrace the world of Dr. Seuss than to dress up like one of his classic characters? This accessory-making activity celebrates the fun of this famous feline.
2. Make a Green Eggs and Ham-Inspired Placemat: Before your kindergartner devours her own version of green eggs and ham, she’s going to need a one-of-a-kind placemat to match! Here’s how to get started.
3. Play Hop on Pop Hopscotch: Celebrate Seuss and develop your child’s reading and vocabulary skills with this happy hop-filled game!
4. Make a Horton-Inspired Elephant Nose and Ears: Encourage your child to celebrate Read Across America Day by making his own elephant costume inspired by Horton from Horton Hears a Who!.
5. Play an ABC Balloon Game: Looking for a fun and active way to celebrate Read Across America Day? Try this great balloon game inspired by The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

For more information on Read Across America and the NEA:

Last but not least, inspire your child’s imagination with a Seussical space!

Have a recommended read or unique activity for Read Across America Day? We’d love to hear about it!

Posh Presidents on Pinterest – Winner!

If we had to have our clients design a room for the white house, the white house would certainly be a posh palace! Our finalists entered the election with hopes at presidential victory. With minutes to go and just a matter of a couple votes between first place, we watched the polls eager to find our winner.

Congratulations Erin Hall Beam! Always a First Lady takes home the White House worthy win, and a $500 PoshTots gift certificate!

Taking a babymoon, how to honeymoon before baby comes.

You may be asking yourself, what is a “babymoon” and how do I get one? A babymoon is a vacation for the expectant parents to take alone together before baby comes. It’s meant to give them some time to sit back and relax and enjoy some peace and quite, before peace and quite is a thing of the past! I jumped at the chance when I first discovered this exciting opportunity to peel my husband away from work and put all of our priorities on hold, to decompress and relax in a nice weekend getaway. We took our babymoon this past weekend, to Savannah Georgia from Richmond VA. And while I’m no expert on this topic, I do feel I have some insight to share on the babymoon experience.

First things first, select a date and stick to it. We chose this past weekend because it was President’s day and we had a three day weekend. However as the time approached we both got anxious about all the balls we were juggling and if we needed to reschedule it for a future weekend. We ended up letting all the balls stay in the air and making it work for us. But it was something we tossed around back and forth until I booked the non-refundable hotel fee and there was no turning back. Besides the convenience of a three-day weekend, there are some other factors that need to be considered about when is the best time to travel. For instance, I didn’t realize that in my 28th week of pregnancy edging on the third trimester, I would be back to that exhausted state of my pregnancy (aka Zombie status), where I would need at least two naps a day, and even if I am resting, I may not actually be able to fall asleep. It was especially exhausting because I get so giddy and anxious about traveling that I cannot sleep even without the pregnancy sleep issues! Besides the lack of sleep, I’m also carrying a lot more weight, than I was even a couple weeks ago. This led to lots of sore body parts and many stops on the beautiful park benches in Savannah (which is not necessarily a bad thing!). According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time for a pregnant woman to travel is between 18-24 weeks. If I could do it over again, I would definitely encourage staying within those time frames.

Savannah, Georgia; caped with canopied trees and beauty

Second learning experience, keep your ambitions to a minimum. I was so eager to visit all of the places I had researched that I wanted to knock out as many as I could and walked many miles, overextending myself on the first day of our trip. I didn’t listen to my body, and didn’t drink enough water or take enough breaks. When we finally arrived back to our hotel, I crawled in bed feeling crippled and sore, and to my demise that lasted the rest of the trip! The second day of the trip, we chose to use the trolley tour guides and let them provide the entertainment and travel for us. I wish we had done this the first day, as they would have familiarized us with the area, and kept my tired feet from being even more tired than they needed to be. Pace it out, listen to your body and try to relax (after all isn’t that the point?).

Third, travel somewhere close. It might not be as exciting or exotic, but it will make all the difference! We took a 7 hour road trip for our trip, and I think that was a bit much. It actually was about an 8-9 hour trip with all the extra bathroom breaks that were needed! And sitting for more than 2 hours at a time can lead to leg cramps and reduced circulation. I’d say a 3-5 hour trip would be much more realistic and comfortable for the expectant Momma’s.

Me and the Mr. on our Babymoon

My final suggestion, spend some quality time with your spouse. This was the most beneficial part of the trip, and when I look back 20 years from now, I hope it’s what I remember most about the babymoon. I lucked into not booking a room with wifi and had terrible cell service, so instead of focusing on what we were missing at home, we focused on each other. We read baby books, and rented a movie. We had some good conversation in the car and talked about our present and our future. It was just the dose of medicine I needed to tackle the third trimester, and I’m so glad we were able to fit it in.

Do you have any advice for a babymoon? I’d love to hear about your trip or your words of wisdom!

Thanks for reading,

Going Greenguard – The Crusade to Create Healthier Indoor Environments

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Children are exposed to more indoor pollutants than most parents realize. Surprisingly, indoor air may be two-to-five times more polluted than outdoor air. Founded in 2001 to improve public health and quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing exposure to chemicals and other pollutants, the non-profit GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) certifies products for low chemical emissions. What does this mean for parents? Thankfully, it means that identifying low-emitting baby and children’s products just got a lot simpler.

People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where air pollution levels are higher than those found outdoors. The largest source of this pollution is volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from building materials and furnishings. The good news is that steps can now be taken to ensure healthier indoor air in the spaces your family frequents. To help you sleep a bit more soundly (and safely), thousands of GREENGUARD certified products are now available that have been screened for more than 10,000 chemicals and meet rigorous health-based criteria for VOCs, including phthalates and formaldehyde.

Since the majority of a child’s first few years are indeed spent sleeping, Young America, a leader in infant and youth furniture, has received the extensive screening required to earn GREENGUARD certification for all of their cribs and most beds. All certified products can be easily identified with the certification logo and are available at both furniture boutiques across the country and online exclusively at and

The health and safety of a child starts indoors, so purchasing products with this third-party certification is a big step towards improving indoor air quality in your home. To learn more about GREENGUARD certification, including other certified products such as paint and mattresses, visit

Posh Presidents on Pinterest Contest – Finalists!

We had so much fun with our first Pinterest Design Board Challenge! As the various boards were submitted, we knew we would have our work cut out selecting the primary candidates for election. After much deliberation, we narrowed it down to five favorites who submitted the best White House-worthy designs.

Without further ado, your candidates for the 2012 PoshTots Presidents Pinterest Challenge:

Sophisticate Snow, by Tiffany Sparks
We love the crisp white and regal elegance this board portrays. It is simply stated, yet classically sophisticated.

Commander in Training, by Erin Timmins Nay
This board certainly identifies a young chief in training. We adore the use of patriotic colors and the nautical and aviation accents – a delightful nod to our terrific troops.

Divine Daylight, by Brooke Shambley
This gender-neutral nursery definitely caught our eye. Whether the First Lady were to bring home a young gentlemen or a little lady, they would surely sleep in style.

Always a First Lady, by Erin Hall Beam
For the sweetest of presidential daughters, this room encompasses all that a lady of the White House should be surrounded by.

Primary Party, by Chantelle Thompson
This stately nursery would fit any first family. From the heavy chandelier to the delicate rug, this room is perfectly posh and presidential.

Vote for (like) your favorite White House-worthy space in the posh primaries on Facebook. The creative candidate with the most fans by Noon (EST) on Friday, 2/24 will win the election and a $500 PoshTots Gift Certificate!

Cast your Vote now!