Going Greenguard – The Crusade to Create Healthier Indoor Environments

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Children are exposed to more indoor pollutants than most parents realize. Surprisingly, indoor air may be two-to-five times more polluted than outdoor air. Founded in 2001 to improve public health and quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing exposure to chemicals and other pollutants, the non-profit GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) certifies products for low chemical emissions. What does this mean for parents? Thankfully, it means that identifying low-emitting baby and children’s products just got a lot simpler.

People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where air pollution levels are higher than those found outdoors. The largest source of this pollution is volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from building materials and furnishings. The good news is that steps can now be taken to ensure healthier indoor air in the spaces your family frequents. To help you sleep a bit more soundly (and safely), thousands of GREENGUARD certified products are now available that have been screened for more than 10,000 chemicals and meet rigorous health-based criteria for VOCs, including phthalates and formaldehyde.

Since the majority of a child’s first few years are indeed spent sleeping, Young America, a leader in infant and youth furniture, has received the extensive screening required to earn GREENGUARD certification for all of their cribs and most beds. All certified products can be easily identified with the certification logo and are available at both furniture boutiques across the country and online exclusively at PoshTots.com and YoungAmerica.com.

The health and safety of a child starts indoors, so purchasing products with this third-party certification is a big step towards improving indoor air quality in your home. To learn more about GREENGUARD certification, including other certified products such as paint and mattresses, visit greenguard.org.

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