It’s a _____! Gender reveal party, revealed.

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Carley here, at 32 weeks pregnant (51 days to go!). I’m here to share some details on if I’m buying tutu’s or tonka’s for my future babe and how I found out! I am a Type A, planner to the nth degree. When we found out we were pregnant, I was just as excited about finding out what the baby was, as finding out there was a baby at all! When I realized our 20 week appointment fell just a couple days before Christmas, I came up with all sorts of plans (type-a I say!)! I asked the ultrasound tech to write our babe’s gender on a card, and my Husband and I would open it on Christmas Eve, and share the news with our family on Christmas Day!

Our friends, however, were forced to wait for new years eve to find out at our gender reveal party! For the party, I had a couple tricks up my sleeve, it was a “Chinese food potluck” where everyone brought their favorite Chinese takeout. I made fortune cookies, that had funny sayings inside, for example “A dirty diaper is in your future” and “You will be babies favorite!” and I passed those out shortly before midnight. At midnight, my plan was to have a trunk full of colored (pink or blue) balloons that we opened in front of all of our friends, out the balloons would fly:

Similar to the photo seen below:

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Well I had purchased several plain latex helium balloons, and one foil balloon. The latex balloons were too large for the trunk, so I let out half of their helium, but they still floated just fine (when they went into the trunk) so everyone counted down in anticipation… 3.. 2.. 1… We open the trunk, and WALAH! 1 puny foil balloon floats up! The rest lost their helium charge from either the air I depleted or being locked in a trunk for two days. Anywho, the plan didn’t exactly go off as I imagined (so much for my type A!)! But everyone was so excited to see that one blue balloon that it didn’t matter much, and made it all rather comical.

So there you have it, how we found out we were having a boy, and how we announced it to the world!
Do you have a gender reveal story that is special, or didn’t go as planned? We’d love to hear about your little lady or gent!

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