Red, White and True Blue: Made in the U.S.A.

There are certainly many products that we need or simply want, but where they are manufactured isn’t always a top concern when it comes to laying down our hard-earned cash. “Buy American!” might sound like just another slogan for the proudly patriotic but, the truth is, there are many good reasons to seek products manufactured in the good old USA. So, why should you think about more than price when making a purchase? It’s important not only for the carbon footprint, but also to keep people employed in the United States.

Working conditions and safety standards are, on the whole, better in America and American companies offer a more decent wage than many foreign manufacturers. Most U.S.-based manufacturing firms also adhere to rigorous testing criteria, environmental standards and sustainability programs that lift them to the next level in their stewardship of our environment. Of course, there is also the fact that buying American produces American jobs. As we purchase more American-made products, we create more demand for those products and, in turn, jobs are created. It’s a cycle that can produce some truly positive results.

Investing in a conscientious company will prove valuable far beyond an item’s purchase price. That is why furniture lines like Young America take pride in offering products that are made in the USA. An American manufacturer with an 86-year heritage, associates in Virginia and North Carolina have a high regard for the environment and the quality of products they produce. The old adage “you get what you pay for” can ring true for those who ignore quality in the pursuit of a low price. In the end, putting our trust in the human rights and safety standards of American manufactures is something we can all be proud of – especially as parents.

Some of our Favorite American Made Artisans:

Young America

Maine Cottage

Tanglewood Design

Newport Cottages

Lulla Smith

Little Castle

Art for Kids

Annette Tatum

Angel Song

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