Something to Talk About!

When CBS’ The Talk approached us to shower an audience full of expectant moms with some great gifts for Mrs. O’s Million Dollar Baby Shower, we were ready to make it rain! Our Classic Moses Basket, Lucy Lamb and PoshTots gift certificate have always been baby-shower staples. Plus, what better way to start our day than by surprising 250 pregnant women? We are all smiles and simply love seeing that they are too.

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Thanks for helping us make PoshTots The Talk of the town! It’s not just a rumor – our baby shower finds really are that fabulous. We also offer many of the other great gifts featured on the show, like the ones below:

Mix Built to Grow Crib

Cherry Blossom Birdies Canvas Reproduction

Baby Shower Power!

Carley here, 38 weeks pregnant (any day now!) and reporting on one of the greatest days of my life, my baby shower!
After a rainy week, the forecast called for more showers. I was a bit nervous as I did not want a literal baby “shower,” but somehow the weather stars aligned it turned out to be gorgeous, warm and sunny for my big day.
With the help of Pinterest I had some ideas of a theme for my shower. I enlisted the help of my two lovely and generous aunts, Ronda and Linda, and my best friend and fellow PoshTots co-worker, Ashley. I arrived to find that these amazing women went above and beyond their baby shower duties, and had all of the details I imagined executed to amazing detail. I cannot say how appreciative I am for their efforts in welcoming my son to the world. His first birthday party will have a lot to live up to!

I had a brunch themed shower, complete with a donut cake, cereal bar, fresh fruit, mimosa bar, and a waffle station!

I asked for color, and I got it! The shower had pops of color everywhere, from the fabric, to the vibrant fruit, to the handmade pom-poms, color flourished.

Birdies with bowties were the centerpieces of the tables, and certainly made a tweet impression!

We asked our guests to sign a postcard with a memory they look forward to making with the baby.

As we have a vintage travel themed nursery, our guest-book was a Virginia ornament with fingerprint balloons carrying our beloved state.

We had a blessingway, where our guest recieved a bracelet on thier left arm. They are to wear the bracelet until our baby is born, and think positive thoughts for a healthy and happy birth. Once the baby is born, they may cut the “cord” and send a positive wish to the mother and baby.

Beyond grateful for all the love and generosity in my life.

Photo Credit: PhotosbyDash

Be Chaotically Creative!

We were first introduced to design dynamo Lesley Warren when she won second place in a PoshTots design contest with our friends at Olioboard. From there we couldn’t help but follow our creative curiosities and interview this crafty blogger mom. Read on to learn more about her design philosophy, how her blog came to be and how to make a magnetic bird puzzle of your very own (pictured above).

When was your blog established and how did you get started?

Chaotically Creative was launched on February 14th, 2012. It’s kind of ironic how the blog started. Here’s the short story. I did not even know what a blog was about ten months ago. I thought blogs were some form of web scrapbook. In December, I figured out that they could be used to showcase design portfolios, tutorials, projects and more. After moving to a new city and to a new home, I found that blogging was a great hobby and a way to keep track of my projects. About a month after I started blogging casually, I entered the PoshTots contest on Olioboard and that’s when I started getting a lot of attention on my blog and on Olioboard as a designer. I made a deal with my husband that if I placed in the contest that I would start blogging on a more professional level. (In other words, he gave me the go ahead to buy my domain and so on!) I asked my mom if she wanted to help me blog and she thought I was insane (she too had no idea what blogging was). Needless to say, she is now the coauthor of Chaotically Creative and I couldn’t imagine doing this without her. So, that’s how it all began.

What will readers find when they visit your blog?

A little bit of everything. My style is modern and eclectic while my mom’s is more Americana and primitive. You’ll also find lots of easy DIYs, design ideas and tutorials that anyone can do – and I stress the word anyone! I feel like we give readers a realistic view of DIY by letting them in on our failures as well as our successes. We make it very clear that our lives are chaotic and we are not perfect by any means.

What is your design philosophy?

I see a space (inside or out) and have a vision of how it could be beautified, improved, organized and made more functional. The process of creating and executing that design is a true learning and growth experience. It is fascinating and rewarding to gain the skills necessary to make my vision a reality. In the end, enriching and improving the surroundings and functionality of a living space just makes it a little easier and more pleasant to move through life. An inspirational and functional space is the first step to calming the chaos within a home.

Any inspirations/influences you would like to let us in on?

I get my inspiration through so many things but mainly through artwork and fabric. My time living in Europe as an Army wife afforded me the opportunity to see amazing art and tapestries in castles such as Versailles and Neuschwanstien.

My biggest influences would be my experience in early childhood education. Through my work I have a deep understanding of the importance of organization and detailed design and how much every element of a room can impact a person’s behavior.

Do you have a favorite book?

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This classic had me drifting off to faraway lands with mischievous Max and all of his wild things. It was scary and intriguing all at the same time. I love the line “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!”

Favorite Websites?

Pinterest is one of my favorites lately. I get so many inspirations and find new blogs there. My other two favorites are and Can you tell I love interactive creative websites just a little?

On your iPod?

I am all over the place with music. You’ll find anything from Joni Mitchell, Goo Goo Dolls and Maroon 5 to Yo Gaba Gaba.

Must-see TV?

I must admit I am a reality TV junky. I think it is mainly because I don’t really pay attention to what I am watching. I like to watch The Real Housewives series, Intervention and Jeff Lewis Interior Therapy.

Favorite expression?

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” As a child I use to really hold back and not express my opinion even when I really wanted to. As I got older and felt more empowered I found my “voice” and it feels good to use it.

What are a few of your favorite items from PoshTots?

Oh my goodness, a few, I could name a thousand! The eternal princess in me would spend every moment in the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach – it is the most delightful piece of fantasy furniture I have ever laid my eyes on. Shelly Kennedy’s Drooz Studio for Oopsy Daisy canvases like the one featured in my hallway are bright, colorful and fun. I adore each and every one and look forward to adding more to my collection. Last but not least, because trust me I could keep going, the Caravan Dresser. The modern style and shape along with the fresh funky colors would surely add interest to any space.

Learn how to make Lesley’s posh puzzle magnets inspired by her Welcome to Our Nest Canvas from PoshTots on her blog, Chaotically Creative.

The Real Jamaica

Experience the “real” Jamaica. Reef Watch is not for everyone. Hmmm…intriguing. The typical all-inclusive resort vacation or cruise was not what my family was looking for this year. This spring break we wanted to enjoy the sights and sounds of a new destination equipped with nothing more than an adventurous spirit and Hubert, our friendly tour guide.

Little did I realize how unprepared I really was for this experience. Little did I also realize how quickly and deeply I would fall in love with this unique village and its people.

We spent six days unplugged with no TV and no internet. Okay, so I did connect to Wi-Fi at the “Cool Spot” for about 30 minutes a day but, in my defense, I used that time to hurriedly upload pictures. Yes, it’s true that I may have an Instagram addiction. But before someone pries my iPhone from my hand as part of a photo-sharing intervention, why don’t you just enjoy the adventures alongside me? Follow me at PoshTots_Andrea (wink, wink).

Farmers’ Market – I love the color, the texture and the fresh feel.

This is Javon. We became friends after I let him use my camera.

I decided to enjoy the views instead of fishing. There is nothing like this at the Ritz-Carlton, I assure you!

Evan is cleaning fish we just caught off the boat that morning.

SUP’n Jamaica style on bamboo boards. They make these boards here and they last about seven weeks.

These fishing boats go out daily. These people are very serious about fishing. They are hard workers.

Madison saying goodbye to sweet Javon and the village Rastafarian, “Lucky”.

Keeping Baby Close

A baby who is close by is always welcome with open arms. Especially with these great products that keep your bustling babe within arm’s reach.

Our top 10 picks for keeping baby close:
1. Retro Baby Sling in Black and White
2. Cherubini Bassinet with Linens
3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Olive Scout Walkabout Carrier
4. EuroTote in Choice of Color
5. Bloom Coco Natural Stylewood in Choice of Color
6. Bratt Decor Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver
7. Hayden Moses Basket
8. Petunia Pickle Bottom Misted Marseille Haven Nursing Cover
9. Kensington Play Mat in Camel
10. Bloom Nano Urban Highchair in Choice of Color

Introducing: Posh Lead Designer, Mary Hannon Packard

A North Carolina girl with southern charm, eclectic taste and a craving for color, Mary Hannon Packard was destined for design. After starting her own business and turning houses into true homes in the residential market, this design dynamo was snagged by PoshTots/PoshLiving as our new Lead Designer. Whether it’s an Italian villa, a good cup of coffee or fabulous animal-print footwear, this chic fashionista and first-time mom lives her life out loud. Her inspired determination is delightfully infectious. Meet Mary Hannon…

Design Background: BA in Arts Studies with a focus in Furniture Making – NC State, BFA in Interior Design – VCU

Projects: Two Richmond Symphony Designer Homes, Homes in various VA Garden and Holiday Tours (Virginia Garden Week Tour, Urbanna Holiday House Tour), Features in R Home, Richmond Magazine & Chesapeake Living Magazine, Owner of Residential Interior Design Company Silver Spoon Interiors since 2002

Design Philosophy: A well-designed home is a key element of a well-lived life. A home should reflect the people that live in it.

Inspiration/Influences: I find inspiration in anything from a stroll down the street in a quaint town to a drive in the country past front porches, farms and cottage gardens. I am also influenced by the Italian coast – the beautiful blue water contrasting with brightly painted homes and the old streets. The Italians love modern edgy art and furnishings and have a keen ability to mix the old with the new.

My Style:
I am a traditional southern girl at heart with a flair for the bright and funky with a modern twist. I love comfortable furniture, clean lines, bold printed fabrics and modern original artwork.

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. My dad read it to me as a child and it is still my favorite. I think the world would be a better place if everyone read it!

Favorite Website: – I love to dress my son in longalls and “Jon Jons” – smocked and everything. They have great sales and I figure I should take advantage of dressing him that way before he objects!

On My iPod: Jay Z, The Grateful Dead, Prince, The Embers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Eyed Peas…just to name a few.

Must See TV: Rachel Zoe Project, Mad Men, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Favorite Expression: Patience is a virtue! And I have none…so I am constantly reminding myself.

Favorite Things: The way my son smells when he is fresh from his evening bath, a good cup of coffee, peonies, animal-print shoes and homegrown tomatoes.

To follow Mary Hannon’s design eye, take a peak at her pinterest board found here!