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We were first introduced to design dynamo Lesley Warren when she won second place in a PoshTots design contest with our friends at Olioboard. From there we couldn’t help but follow our creative curiosities and interview this crafty blogger mom. Read on to learn more about her design philosophy, how her blog came to be and how to make a magnetic bird puzzle of your very own (pictured above).

When was your blog established and how did you get started?

Chaotically Creative was launched on February 14th, 2012. It’s kind of ironic how the blog started. Here’s the short story. I did not even know what a blog was about ten months ago. I thought blogs were some form of web scrapbook. In December, I figured out that they could be used to showcase design portfolios, tutorials, projects and more. After moving to a new city and to a new home, I found that blogging was a great hobby and a way to keep track of my projects. About a month after I started blogging casually, I entered the PoshTots contest on Olioboard and that’s when I started getting a lot of attention on my blog and on Olioboard as a designer. I made a deal with my husband that if I placed in the contest that I would start blogging on a more professional level. (In other words, he gave me the go ahead to buy my domain and so on!) I asked my mom if she wanted to help me blog and she thought I was insane (she too had no idea what blogging was). Needless to say, she is now the coauthor of Chaotically Creative and I couldn’t imagine doing this without her. So, that’s how it all began.

What will readers find when they visit your blog?

A little bit of everything. My style is modern and eclectic while my mom’s is more Americana and primitive. You’ll also find lots of easy DIYs, design ideas and tutorials that anyone can do – and I stress the word anyone! I feel like we give readers a realistic view of DIY by letting them in on our failures as well as our successes. We make it very clear that our lives are chaotic and we are not perfect by any means.

What is your design philosophy?

I see a space (inside or out) and have a vision of how it could be beautified, improved, organized and made more functional. The process of creating and executing that design is a true learning and growth experience. It is fascinating and rewarding to gain the skills necessary to make my vision a reality. In the end, enriching and improving the surroundings and functionality of a living space just makes it a little easier and more pleasant to move through life. An inspirational and functional space is the first step to calming the chaos within a home.

Any inspirations/influences you would like to let us in on?

I get my inspiration through so many things but mainly through artwork and fabric. My time living in Europe as an Army wife afforded me the opportunity to see amazing art and tapestries in castles such as Versailles and Neuschwanstien.

My biggest influences would be my experience in early childhood education. Through my work I have a deep understanding of the importance of organization and detailed design and how much every element of a room can impact a person’s behavior.

Do you have a favorite book?

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This classic had me drifting off to faraway lands with mischievous Max and all of his wild things. It was scary and intriguing all at the same time. I love the line “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!”

Favorite Websites?

Pinterest is one of my favorites lately. I get so many inspirations and find new blogs there. My other two favorites are and Can you tell I love interactive creative websites just a little?

On your iPod?

I am all over the place with music. You’ll find anything from Joni Mitchell, Goo Goo Dolls and Maroon 5 to Yo Gaba Gaba.

Must-see TV?

I must admit I am a reality TV junky. I think it is mainly because I don’t really pay attention to what I am watching. I like to watch The Real Housewives series, Intervention and Jeff Lewis Interior Therapy.

Favorite expression?

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” As a child I use to really hold back and not express my opinion even when I really wanted to. As I got older and felt more empowered I found my “voice” and it feels good to use it.

What are a few of your favorite items from PoshTots?

Oh my goodness, a few, I could name a thousand! The eternal princess in me would spend every moment in the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach – it is the most delightful piece of fantasy furniture I have ever laid my eyes on. Shelly Kennedy’s Drooz Studio for Oopsy Daisy canvases like the one featured in my hallway are bright, colorful and fun. I adore each and every one and look forward to adding more to my collection. Last but not least, because trust me I could keep going, the Caravan Dresser. The modern style and shape along with the fresh funky colors would surely add interest to any space.

Learn how to make Lesley’s posh puzzle magnets inspired by her Welcome to Our Nest Canvas from PoshTots on her blog, Chaotically Creative.

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